Credit Control

Credit Control

Reduce bad debts, optimize cash flow and build stronger business relationships with outsourced Credit Control solutions.


The credit control function is extremely important for any business, no matter big or small, as it is directly linked to optimization of cash flow and avoidance of bad debts. However, the credit control process, by nature is complex and time-consuming, which can make it a big burden on in-house accounting teams.

QX is a leading outsourced finance & accounting service provider offering a range of credit control solutions that ensure that your business gets paid promptly. Our team leverages credit control best practices and process excellence to help our clients build stronger customer relationships. Outsource your credit control to QX to reduce burden on accounting teams and drive focus to core business activities.

Ensure Cash Flow Optimization with QX’s Credit Control Solutions

Bring down DSO

QX has rich industry expertise in reducing DSO and cash collection shortfalls for several clients. We introduce a team of dedicated credit control experts to your business, allowing you to achieve this goal too.

Offer seamless customer experience

Partnering with QX ensures that your business relations are not hampered as our trained credit control communication experts send out ample but polite reminders.

Set up high performance teams

Implement a highly effective credit control process through daily monitoring on call logs, call barging, real-time status on number of ledgers chased by the staff, screen display on the floor for call stats visibility.

Focus on core business

Benefit from our team of credit control experts to free onshore teams of mundane credit control task and shift focus to business growth and transformation.

Take smarter business decisions

Unlock upselling opportunities and improve collection strategies with tailored MIS reports and detailed debtor’s reports that deliver insightful data on customer behavior.

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Credit Control Solutions

The QX team, before the commencement of the project, will work closely with you to zero down on a chasing plan, credit rules and decide frequency of reminders through dunning letters, emails, fax and calls. Our service provides you with:

Credit Control Services

Pre-invoice check
Post invoice verification
Chasing via telephone, email or fax
Follow up for invoices and payments promised
Dunning letters and statements
Update remittance advices and receipts from bank statement
Cash applications
Debt collection against previous Aged Debtors’ report
Liaise with legal & compliance department for legal action
Credit control MIS reports
Aged Debtors report with last month comparison and commentary Collection by age of the debtor
Debtors’ report with comments on debtors older than 60 days and 90+ days
Debtors’ ledger review
Suspected debtors – “Debtors can’t pay” and “Debtors wouldn’t pay” analysis
Reports for Debtors “On Stop”, Debtors for “Legal actions”, Debtors for “Recommencement”

QX Success Stories

Learn how QX leverages its people, process & platform approach to optimize credit control for clients.

Streamlining Credit Control and Accounts Receivable for Leading Recruitment Business

Software Capability

The QX team is trained in working with all industry-standard software required to optimize credit control for our clients. Additionally, we are also flexible to incorporating any additional systems in our solutions to suit your specific organisztional needs.

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