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QX MailerDesk

QX MailerDesk

Manage, store and process incoming queries from customers, clients or vendors in a centralised system. Improve efficiency by tracking, prioritising and resolving tickets effectively

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QX MailerDesk

Businesses with a large number of customers, employees, suppliers or other stakeholders often need to address a huge influx of email queries on a day-to-day basis. These emails may need to be addressed by designated individuals across departments like payroll, compliance, HR, IT, accounts and sales, amongst others.

Rapidly assigning the request to the right person, tracking progress and getting an accurate view of the resolved issues is fundamental to delivering a good experience to the users. QX MailerDesk is an intuitive and easy-to-manage centralised system that automatically converts support emails to tickets, ensuring quick and effective resolution of queries from clients, suppliers, candidates and other stakeholders.

In addition to improving team efficiency, the system also reduces TAT and helps to prevent SLA violations and breaches.

Track, prioritise & resolve queries with qx mailerdesk


Seamlessly manage bulk incoming email queries from different emails or domains


Automate the process of assigning email tickets to the users


Store and access all email queries from a centralised location


Save time & resources while reducing tat through automation


Use the system to gain actionable insights and further improve company processes

Implement automation, track processes & generate customised reports

Query management

Benefit from QX’s Email Query Management System to automatically assign ticket numbers to customer and vendor queries and access all email queries from a central location.

SLA configuration

Improve process transparency by customising folders and SLA configurations at email and folder levels.

Automated responses

Use email templates to responses on email tickets which will bring down TAT for query resolution.

Improved slas & reduced tats

Use the system efficiently to define your business operation hours and holidays – automatically excluding non-operation hours for emails sent during out of business hours or holidays to calculate accurate SLAs & TATs.

Avoid agent collision

Avoid confusion caused in cases of agent collision by preventing two users from working on the same ticket at the same time.

Build customised reports using real-time data

Leverage the live data to generate highly customised and insightful reports from all the available fields.

GDPR compliance

Partner up with a GDPR compliant team to implement an end-to-end, secure email query management system.

Smart rules

Automate the process of moving tickets to specific folders and assigning a user based on defined rules.

Ticket reminders

Use the system to identify tickets to be worked upon later by setting reminders or something like – Snooze the tickets to work upon later by setting reminders.

Controlled access

Create a role-based system that allows you to lock system access as per the unique requirements of your process or organisation.

Why choose qx mailerdesk?

  • Boost team efficiency with quality benchmark SLAs configuration
  • With reduced ticket backlog, provide better support and have happier customers
  • Automate tasks to save time, cost and human capital
  • Increase quality of support by reducing TAT & chances of human errors
  • Set smart rules for new tickets to ensure easy tracking & prioritising of queries
  • Use the system effectively to get actionable insights and further improve processes

Improved efficiency & reduced TAT with customer query consolidation

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