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QX QuickReco

QX QuickReco

Manual processes are not effective for bank reconciliation involving a high volume for a number of different banks and accounts. QX QuickReco imports the data and automates the matching process to streamline reconciliation

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QX QuickReco

QX QuickReco is a web-based tool that allows reconciliation between Bank Books from any ERP system and bank statements from any bank. The system compares data from general ledger files with bank statement reports and auto-matches it while supporting adjustments for hidden transactions such as bank charges or bank fees.

Faster, smarter and compliant reconciliations


Reduce errors through automatic reconciliation of entries on scheduled days at scheduled times


Save time and effort by automatically matching large volume entries between any bank statement and gl


Manage multiple bank and currencies – the system supports an unlimited number of bank accounts and currency types

Fast, Intuitive and Easy-to-configure

Task management

Schedule, assign and track tasks related to bank reconciliation to relevant staff members.

Handle multiple accounts

Easily configure multiple accounts from the same bank or from different banks. Add newly setup accounts to the system.

Manage multiple currency types

Dealing with a wide range of currency types? The system can work easily with any currency, including Euro, USD, GBP, OMR, CHF, etc.

Match multiple records

Import thousands of records from bank statements and bank books and reconcile them automatically.


Easily input adjustment entries to payments that do not match the invoice.

Segregate entries

Separate entries based on whether they were auto matched, matched manually or adjusted.



Bank reconciliation for PBSA is difficult. Here’s how to make it easy.

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