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QX ComplyRite

QX ComplyRite

Streamlines registration and compliance to improve candidate experience

All About
QX ComplyRite

Recruitment companies often end up spending significant time & resources in making registrations and ensuring compliance. Following age-old, legacy processes for these activities can not only lead to increased costs, but also hamper the overall candidate experience.

QX ComplyRite is a future-ready platform that streamlines the process of maintaining compliance with required regulations. A tool uniquely designed by recruiters for recruiters, QX ComplyRite helps organizations ensure that their employees/candidates stay compliant as per the required regulations and standards.

Benefits of QX ComplyRite


Manages multiple candidate frameworks and assignments from one system


Generates automatic reminders for outstanding/expiring documents


Allows users to maintain & access communication records easily via email/sms/push notifications


Leverages interactive dashboard to understand trends


User-friendly system that enables defining of multiple framework rules


Delivers better candidate experience with the qx complyrite mobile app

Easy, Intuitive & Intelligent Candidate Management

One-click compliance management

Allows users to quickly deliver important compliance updates to multiple candidates in just one click

Robust security

Leverage manual verification and approval feature to elude risk of forged documents

dependable audit trails

Track loopholes in the compliance process by studying the accurate system audit trails

centralization & transparent hiring

Optimizes the recruitment process by centralizing administration, whilst boosting business visibility

smart, intuitive reporting

Robust reporting and analysis with multiple reporting templates for management

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