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Customer Stories

Nick Hume, Director of Xeinadin Audit

Nick Hume, Director of Xeinadin Audit, opens up on how he started his own practice back in the 2000s and grew it into a Top 20 UK audit firm with dedicated outsourcing support from QXAS.

Sara James, Chief Operating Officer

Sarah James, Chief Operating Officer at Thornbury Nursing and Scottish Nursing Guild, a division of the Acacium Group, as she shares how partnering with QX has helped their business scale and improve processes.

Ashish Meswani, Interim Finance Director

Ashish Meshwani is an Interim Finance Director who goes around transforming finance functions in the property sector. Hear him talk about his outsourcing experience with QX and the key benefits that businesses in the property sector have received from his decade-long partnership with QX.

Tom Richards, Chief Finance Officer, Acacium Group

Tom Richards, Chief Finance Officer at Acacium Group talks about his outsourcing experience with QX Global Group

Daren Moore, Chief Commercial Officer, The TaxAssist Group

Daren Moore the Chief Commercial Officer of TaxAssist Accountants, which is a Top 100 UK Accountancy firm, talks about how numerous TaxAssist franchises have been able to transform their accounting practices by working with QX.

Sheetal Shah, Partner, DSK Partners LLP

Sheetal Shah, a Partner at DSK Partners LLP, opens up about the beginning of his relationship with QX, which involved flying to India to see what QX was all about i.e. their security and the people that were going to work for them.

Roger Hearn, Finance Director, ProMedical Personnel Ltd.

Roger Hearn, Finance Director at ProMedical Personnel Ltd. opens up on his outsourcing experience with QX Global Group.

Scott Berry, Commercial & Finance Director, Fresh Property Group

Scott Berry, Commercial & Finance Director - Fresh Property Group opens up on his finance outsourcing experience with QX Global Group and the key business benefits from this decade-long partnership.

Brian King, CFO, Eureka Holdings

Brian King, VP CFO -Eureka Holdings speaks about his experience of working with QX Global Group.

Julian Barford, Finance Manager, Your World Recruitment Group

Julian Barford, Finance Manager, Your World Recruitment Group, shares his experience of working with QX Global Group.

David Tymms, Chief Operating Officer, iQ Student Accommodation

This video testimonial shows how QX F&A has been an asset to IQ Student Accommodation.

Benoit Lepetit, Head of Delivery- Key Accounts, Red Commerce Limited

Benoit Lepetit, Head of Delivery- Key Accounts, Red Commerce Limited talks about RED’s successful partnership with QX.

David Taylor, MD, Medacs Global Group

David Taylor, Managing Director of Medacs Global Group gives his testimonial on the reasons for partnering with QX, the seamless transition process, leveraging technology for efficiency improvements and his experience of working with the QX team.

Koshy George, FCA, CPA

Koshy George speaks his heart out on how QX Accounting Services helped him in making his CPA firm more profitable and efficient.

Michelle Reilly, CEO, 6 Cats International

Find out how QXAS' umbrella outsourcing services make it easy for 6CTAS International to focus on growing their umbrella business, and not worry about dealing with their contractors.

Sheetal Shah, Partner, DSK Partners LLP

Follow the story of DSK LLP and how they were able to rapidly evolve with the help of their remote global team at QXAS.

Priyesh Shavdia, Partner, DSK Partners LLP

Listen to our clients talk about what made them choose QXAS audit services and how the decision impacted their practice.

Christopher G. Carmona, CPA

Christopher Carmona, CPA, speaks about his bookkeeping outsourcing experience with QXAS. He emphasizes on how efficiently the team set up everything remotely and executed all functions, without any hiccups.

Mike Melling, TaxAssist Accountants

Mike Melling, Owner & Managing Partner at TaxAssist Accountants, discusses how he scaled his accounting teams by outsourcing and was able to get more time for servicing his clients.

John Mayer, TaxAssist Accountants

John Mayer's Taxassist Accountants Weston-Super-Mare shop has pioneered its way into becoming a multi-million dollar accounting firm. Mayer recollects his journey with QX, and how outsourcing to the right offshore team members gave his firm the competitive edge, it was looking for all along between the years of 2017-2018.

Steve Wild, Finance Director, Victoria Hall Management Limited

Listen to Steve Wild, Finance Director of Victoria Hall Management Limited (VHML), talk about his experience of working with QX. He talks about the reasons behind outsourcing finance & accounting to QX, how QX managed the transition and how the partnership helped VHML meet stringent reporting requirements from their clients and add build a stable and scalable process that makes it easier to add staff and sites going forward.

What our customers say about us

Since contracting QX in summer 2010 I have been really impressed with the “QX approach” towards client accounting services.

"I believe they are special because they work to achieve the objectives of the client and as part of the UK team rather than just being a support or cost saver. Our Management Reporting has come on a quantum leap since we engaged QX. I would personally like to thank our QX colleagues for their dedication and the quality of work which they have been able to deliver on-time and consistently. It's been a real pleasure working with QX”

Chief Operating Officer, iQ Student Accommodation

QX provides a very high standard of work within agreed timescales.

“ The work returned is of such a high quality that it can be used to conduct client review meetings immediately on its return to us.The team at QX is approachable, friendly and there is very much a personal service. We have a dedicated client contact at QX and all contact is through him, mostly by email but also by telephone as and when this is more appropriate.Overall, we are very impressed with the friendly, reliable and high-quality service provided by QX and would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other accountancy practices”.

Partner, Accountancy firm in Staffordshire

When I gave your team the first accounting job, I was skeptical of the accuracy.

“The speed with which I received the completed job added to my uncertainty of the quality. I actually spent a couple of hours reviewing the files myself. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the accuracy was no less than what any of my accountants deliver and, in some areas, better than my own team! The little notes reinforce my belief in your team’s attention to detail. If you ever need a reference, please do not hesitate to call me!”.

Partner, Accountancy firm in Barnsley

More confident with QX as my outsourcing partner.

“I now feel far more confident that I am able to increase my business with QX as my outsourcing partner.”.

Founder, Accountants and Business Consultants, Preston

I have been really pleased with how quickly QX staff picked up my practice systems and processes.

“ Their professionalism and hard work ensured that the 31st January deadline this year was a huge success. Before engaging QX I had been turning new clients away, for fear of not having staff to deliver. This is no longer a concern of mine. I had used outsourcing before for “overflow” work and was not happy with turnaround times. The QX full time employee model has solved this problem.”.

An accountancy firm in London

This is excellent work - well done!

“Please pass on my praise to your team. The job was completed in a timely manner and is well presented. We are very happy to do business with you.”.

Accountancy practice in Hampshire