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We leverage flexible operating models, deep domain expertise, proprietary tools & frameworks, and technology partnerships to help our clients achieve real-world benefits of business transformation. Our strategy and consulting solutions cover three broad areas: Business transformation, Finance transformation, Shared Services & GBS.

Strategy &



Reinvent and thrive in a changing landscape.



Optimizing financial operations for sustainable growth and efficiency.


Shared Services

Reinvent and thrive in a changing landscape.


Operating Models (Farshore, Nearshore & Onshore)

Tailored solutions for global delivery and operational excellence.


Client Stories

Peter Lynch, Chief People Officer - Cardinal Group Companies

Peter Lynch, Chief People Officer at Cardinal Group Companies, talks about the strong cultural fit between QX and Cardinal, how QX supports Cardinal in creating skilled global teams, and looks ahead to the exciting future of this partnership.

John O’ Brien, Chief Administrative Officer - Cardinal Group Companies

John O'Brien, Chief Administrative Officer at Cardinal Group Companies, reflects on the exceptional support and collaboration from the QX team during periods of significant growth, emphasizing their value as a strategic, long-term partner for the future.

Sara James, Chief Operating Officer

Sarah James, Chief Operating Officer at Thornbury Nursing and Scottish Nursing Guild, a division of the Acacium Group, as she shares how partnering with QX has helped their business scale and improve processes.

Ashish Meswani, Interim Finance Director

Ashish Meshwani is an Interim Finance Director who goes around transforming finance functions in the property sector. Hear him talk about his outsourcing experience with QX and the key benefits that businesses in the property sector have received from his decade-long partnership with QX.

Tom Richards, Chief Finance Officer, Acacium Group

Tom Richards, Chief Finance Officer at Acacium Group talks about his outsourcing experience with QX Global Group

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