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Finance Transformation

QX’s Finance Transformation Overview

A disruptive economy has led to a significant change in the CFO’s role and the finance function. A post pandemic world has resulted in CFO taking the driver’s seat to manage risks and ensuring business continuity. From optimising cash flows, reducing revenue leaks to better reporting, the finance function has been responding with agility to dynamic business conditions. The CFO’s primary role has evolved to become a trusted advisor to the CEO and the board and ensure improving organizational resilience.

QX Global Group’s finance transformation consulting services enables the CFO and the finance function to respond with agility to changes in the business with a highly optimised operating model. Using our unique 3P approach; the power of PEOPLE, PROCESSES and cutting edge PLATFORMS, QX helps deliver innovative outsourcing and business process management solutions to transform the finance function.

“As more organisations undergo business transformation, the finance function need to make sure they stay ahead of the transformation curve by optimising their operations.”

Mahesh Jain, CEO,

QX Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Services

The CFO Imperative

Our CFO Value Creation Approach

QX’s CFO Value creation approach addresses the emerging challenges of the CFO to create positive business outcomes and drive higher process efficiency. At the core of our 3P approach, is aligning people, process and platforms (technology) coupled with robust governance policies that drive value across the finance function and the entire organization.

QX’s CFO Value Creation Framework

Key CFO Challenges

Decentralized and fragmented team

Low resource utilization

High Cost of resources

Lack Training and Learning curve path

Cross training capabilities


Optimised resourcing through talent arbitrage

Higher people efficiency

Skilled staff for specialised roles


Lack of standardization and rationalization

High effort during critical path leading to a longer closing, consolidation & reporting

Issues with quality of input received

High volume of Adhoc transactions

Multi hands off due to lack of best practices

Lack of visual management

Risk of Incorrect accounting and reporting


Streamlined processes across finance function

Automating repetitive tasks using RPA

Timely & accurate reporting


Low First Pass Yield

Longer cycle time due to high manual efforts and multi hands off across processes

No tracking capabilities due to manual ways of working

Excel and outlook usage leads to low technology penetration across functions

Lack of Automation across processes

No Active task monitoring during critical path

Lack of web based solutions for enhanced visibility

Lack of Data Management capabilities


Agile turnaround times

Digitalisation of manual processes

Strategic automation for building efficiencies


Lack of proper write off policy

Non standard threshold limits

Segregation of Duties to many staff

Lack of Authorization policy

No Policy for Aged and Open Items

Ineffective Quality Management System

Lack of controls across activities


Defined SLAs

Value stream mapping

Quality Management and Six Sigma processes

QX F&A Business Process Consulting Approach

Our finance & accounting business process management consulting approach ensures remodeling your finance operations for higher efficiencies and better business outcomes. From process mapping to creating new operating models such as shared services or global business services (GBS), QX helps you transform your finance & accounting function and prepare you for resilient operations.

Business Process

The Finance Transformation Framework

QX’s finance transformation framework involves four fundamental stages to achieve your business goals. From laying the foundation to evolving into an intelligent finance operations function, QX supports your organization through each stage ensuring the journey is smooth and focused on end business outcomes.


Stable operations

  • Process Standardization
  • Track Productivity
  • Control Deployment
  • Reduce NVA
  • Policy & Practice tracking
  • KPI/ SLA Tracking & Reporting
  • Process Standardization
  • Track Productivity
  • Control Deployment
  • Reduce NVA
  • Policy & Practice tracking
  • KPI/ SLA Tracking & Reporting


Efficient operations

  • Intelligent Workflows as per business needs
  • Digital Reporting – Critical Metrics
  • Intelligent RPA and ICR
  • OCR Adoption with ML capabilities
  • Self Service portals
  • Language Support
  • Incremental productivity – tracking and reporting
  • Reduction in cycle time across F&A
  • 100% visibility to all processes through workflow
  • Driving touchless processing and reduce hand off
  • Effective work allocation and monitoring


Predictive operations

  • Enhanced Control & Compliance
  • Touchless Processing – Cloud based technology – F&A
  • Data mining for transformation
  • Design Thinking
  • Maturity Assessments – Benchmarking
  • Top Quartile Performance
  • Touchless processing and STP
  • Real time process health insights
  • Improves Vendor/ Supplier relation
  • Optimum resource utilization


Future ready operations

  • Augmented Tools with AI and Cognitive features – F&A
  • Predictive Analysis through Tools
  • ERP Implementation and Enhancement
  • Intelligent Insights Tools
  • Future Ready with zero defect operations
  • Potential working capital impact by $XX
  • Real time business decision making
  • Best in class at industry level
  • Intelligent end to end operation – Global

QX Tech Stack

QX Tech Stack

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