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Customized software applications to turbocharge business processes

Customized Software Systems

Future-proof Your Business by Building & Implementing Customized Software Systems

We combine our deep industry experience with technology expertise to build solutions that make a real difference to our clients. Our solutions and services have benefited clients belonging to recruitment, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, accounting, student housing, and property management sectors.

We help our clients develop custom software, optimise the use of their current systems via integrations, and also support their migration to new systems.



We specialise in developing customised software applications and websites for a wide range of industry verticals. We specialise in .NET development and our programmers can help you at any stage of the software product/custom application development cycle: prototyping, POC, development, integrations, enhancement & maintenance, and support

Access to specialised skills from competent programmers as required so you don’t need to employ them yourself

Named in-house project manager for consistent communication and accountability

Experienced in-house designers for great UI/UX

Daily, weekly and monthly reports on the project progress

Case Study

Automating the purchase order process for a student accommodation company

  • 100% order confirmation as both vendor and employee receive copies for the order cycle
  • 100% quality check of orders which guarantees 99.5% accuracy of processing
  • 0% invoice discrepancy and duplicate orders reduced to only 3 in first six months of implementation
  • Over 60% savings on overhead costs by automating Purchase Order process
Data Parsing

Automating Data Parsing for Recruitment Agencies with Email Parser

  • 100% accuracy in handling all incoming vacancy emails
  • Reduced the size of job vacancy creation team from 15 to 5 people (the 5 members handle non-standard vacancy creation)
  • Ensured 0% duplicate vacancy creation by automating the process
  • Helped Recruitment Consultants to place candidates quickly by ensuring the vacancy gets created in the front-end system within 30 seconds
System Integration

System Integration

Legacy applications, disparate systems, different teams using different software for the same purpose, and lack of information flow between systems – this scenario is common to a number of mid-to-large enterprises. Apart from this, there are compliance issues, opportunities of better integration with client or partner systems and issues related to rising technology costs. QX’s system integration services focus on improved efficiency, better productivity and smarter reporting via interconnectivity between your systems.

Vendor management system integrations

Shipping API integrations

Software services integration

Google API’s integration

Online SaaS apps integration

Other Third-party API integration

Case Study

Automating master vendor

Automating master vendor process to boost payroll processing efficiency and accuracy

  • Manual process of downloading and formatting the files is 20-25% of total processing time
  • This was cut down to minutes – time taken to run the process in the background
  • Close to 100% accuracy with elimination of manual keying of data
  • Happier candidates as the payments can be processed and released faster

Software Assessment & Implementation Support

Our operational and technical teams often work together to help a client identify, assess, implement and maintain new software systems. Often, our clients have identified the type of digitization or automation they require, but simply do not have the bandwidth or expertise to get the project off the ground. The team at QX, backed by over a decade of working in similar projects, steps in and helps to successfully implement and run the software systems. Some of the key activities include:

Process analysis

Requirements scoping

Software development

Data migration

User acceptance testing

Updating workflow and manuals

Software re-training for in-house teams

Case Study

Accounts Payable Optimisation for a Global Beverage Producer and Distributor

  • Reduced delivery time for Management Accounts from 7 days to 3 days
  • Up to 60% cost savings on service delivery
  • Significant cost savings through minimizing third-party consultant fees
Data Parsing

Implementing Paperless Timesheet Processing for Recruitment Business

  • Enabled move to a 100% paperless process
  • Improved TAT for query resolution, with multiple same-day resolutions
  • Higher compliance to GDPR

Our Technology Expertise & Capabilities

Programming Technologies

Scripting Languages


Reporting Tools


Client Stories

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