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Shared Services and GBS

Future-ready delivery models to enable & accelerate business transformation


Scalable Delivery Models to Build Resilient Operations and Accelerate Transformation

Amidst disruptions caused by the pandemic, rapid technology advances and upheavals in the global markets, organisations need transformative solutions to age-old problems.

To accomplish this, businesses are leveraging a range of advanced delivery models which help them build agile & scalable operations, optimise costs, accelerate digitization, embed process governance best practices, and foster innovation.

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What are Shared Services and Global Business Services?

Shared Services

The Shared Services model is designed to deliver non-core but mission critical services to a business, while improving efficiency, driving a better customer experience, and reducing cost. With focus on client needs, effective use of technology and process optimisation, the Share Service Center strives for continuous improvement.

This may often involve centralizing the delivery of back-office functions from one team to all the business brands. Shared Services typically relies on geographically unconstrained teams, standardized processes and technology enablement to allow the organisation to access better customer services and extract greater value from the functions.

Global Business Services

Global Business Services (GBS) is the next level of model maturity, which functions as the umbrella under which Shared Services, Centers of Excellence, Outsourcing and other delivery models are unified. GBS covers multiple regions/locations, operating units and functions/service lines. As more functions and sub-functions are added, there are greater synergies and GBS leadership usually operates as a business unit in its own right, reporting to the top leadership.

GBS goes beyond transaction and administrative services to deliver a more customer-centric experience, unlocking data insights that inform enterprise-wide decision making, and drive a globalized support strategy.

Why Partner with QX

Combining expertise in Consulting, Implementation and Outsourcing, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions to organizations exploring Shared Services or GBS models. With the experience of building, operating and turning around ground-breaking shared services solutions, our team comprising our practitioners, SMEs, function experts have the experience, skill and technology to ensure the success of your project.

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We have delivered a wide range of benefits to our clients:

Capacity flexibility and rapid scaling

Lean, efficient and cost-effective operations

Accelerated business and digital transformation

Improved data & insights for better decision-making

Embedded best practices and process governance

Superior customer experience with improved quality of service

GBS Model Implementation for a Global Recruitment Giant

  • Annual cost savings of over £3 million
  • 100,000 timesheets annually with over 99.95% accuracy
  • 26% reduction in DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
Downloan Case Study

QX’s Shared Services and GBS Solutions

QX offers end-to-end solutions, right from consulting & assessment to setting up,

scaling & running delivery centers.

Assessment to Implementation

  • Assessment & Feasibility Study
  • Business Case and Recommendations
  • Design & Build
  • Deploy & Implementation
  • Stabilize & Optimize
  • Change Management
  • Location Analysis
  • Technology Enablement such as Robotic Process Automation

GBS consulting

  • Assessment & development of GBS strategy
  • Establishment of global governance model
  • Development of global process ownership
  • Engagement of value-added services

Robotic Process Automation

  • End-to-End Robotic Process Automation Implementation
  • RPA Assessment & Process Suitability
  • RPA Business Case & Automation Roadmap
  • Proof of Concept
  • Building RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)
  • Bots Development & Management
  • Proprietary QX Bots


Outsourcing Assessment and Setup

  • Optimal Sourcing Model Design
  • Near-shore/offshore team setup
  • Process optimisation & Continuous improvement
  • Finance transformation
  • Digital Transformation

Technology Enablement up

  • ERP implementation and optimization strategy
  • HCM system implementation and optimization
  • Documentation Management implementation and optimization
  • Scanning tools selection and implementation
  • Purchasing Requisitioning tools selection and implementation
  • Workflow tools selection and implementation
  • Business Intelligence tools selection and implementation
  • RPA technology selection and implementation
  • Support for new implementations, integrations and data migrations

Business case

  • Stakeholders Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Location Analysis
  • Developing a new operating model


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