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Real Estate Accounting Solutions

Real estate companies rely heavily on financial information that helps them identify risks & trends and make smarter business decisions. To add to that, the complex nature of real estate accounting makes it a repetitive and time-consuming task that can take the focus away from core business activities. Partnering up with a reliable finance & accounting service provider can help real estate agents & dealers free their teams of routine accounting tasks, implement technology and gain access to accurate financial information.

QX Global Group is an experienced finance and accounting company, providing a range of highly flexible F&A solutions to real estate clients in the US market. Our unique People-Process-Platform approach allows us to work closely with our clients to introduce a dedicated team of real estate accountants to your company, ensure process optimization and implement intelligent automation to save time & money.

Key F&A Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Property Accounting

QX offers comprehensive property accounting services including bookkeeping & accounting, accounts payable, revenue recognition, bank reconciliations, student deposit management, expense recharges, student refund & amendments, and budgeting & forecasting.

Development Accounting

We specialize in providing top-notch development accounting services, including accounts payable, job costing, project costing, CIS data management & reporting, retention ledger, WIP accounts, balance sheet reconciliation, accounting & bookkeeping, and drawdown working.

Management Accounting

QX offers expert management accounting services, including accruals, prepayments, balance sheet reconciliations, WIP account reconciliations, and retention account reconciliations.

Investment Accounting

We offer a wide range of investment accounting services, including lender reporting, rent reserve working, and drawdown working.

Lease Administration Services

QX offers exceptional lease administration services including:

  • Verification of parties to lease agreement
  • Tenant space information
  • Term, lease index & notes
  • Base rent & renewals and abatement/concession
  • Lease audit
  • Deposit information
  • Late charges
  • Additional rent (CAM/Operating expenses, RE taxes, Utility/HVAC, Insurance and other)

Out-of-Office Student/Tenancy Enquiry Management

QX’s Out-of-Office support services include:

  • 24/7 Live specialized student enquiry support through chat, calls and emails
  • Coverage for out-of-hours, weekends and holidays
  • Student queries resolution as per client instructions, ensuring great student experience
  • Maximizing occupancy rates during student intake seasons, while property managers focus on their core tasks

Why QX Is A Trusted Name in Real Estate Industry

Here are some of the top benefits your business can reap from partnering with QX

Flexibility & Scalability

Leverage QX’s flexible models with a proactive workforce structure that allows for the addition of temporary workforce to meet project-specific requirements.

High-performing Skilled Teams

We are highly capable in providing onshore and nearshore talent, along with dedicated training teams and e-learning platforms to ensure you get access to the best talent for your business.

Process Optimization

QX is committed to improving process efficiency by implementing industry best practices. This allows us to optimize processes for our clients and reduce inefficiencies, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.

Technology Support

Our team of experts works closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and tailor solutions that best meet their needs, whether it be through custom application development, integration of existing tools or the implementation of automation techniques.

Seamless Transitions

We are experts in addressing challenges that come with software migration, leveraging the expertise of our experienced staff who have exposure to different ERPs and support from external consultants to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Software Abilities

The QX team is capable of working with all industry-standard software to transform finance and accounting for your real estate business. We are also flexible to including any additional systems in our solutions to suit your organizational needs.

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Speak to our experts to understand how your business can benefit from QX’s outsourced F&A solutions.