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Real Estate Accounting Solutions

Simplify Property Management with reliable

Real Estate Accounting Solutions

Real estate companies rely heavily on financial information that helps them identify risks & trends and make smarter business decisions. To add to that, the complex nature of real estate accounting makes it a repetitive and time-consuming task that can take the focus away from core business activities. Partnering up with a reliable finance & accounting service provider can help real estate agents & dealers free their teams of routine accounting tasks, implement technology and gain access to accurate financial information.

QX Global Group is an experienced finance and accounting company, providing a range of highly flexible F&A solutions to real estate clients in the US market. Our unique People-Process-Platform approach allows us to work closely with our clients to introduce a dedicated team of real estate accountants to your company, ensure process optimization and implement intelligent automation to save time & money.

Key F&A Solutions for Real Estate Industry

Accounts Payable

Work with a team of financial experts and trained accountants to identify new cost saving opportunities, improve working capital management, and build better business relationships.

Accounts Receivable

Leverage QX’s access to trained resources, infrastructure and latest tools & technologies to optimize cash flow, reduce DSOs and build strong customer relationships with professional AR services.

Credit Control

Set up a flexible team of credit control experts for your real estate company to avoid bad debts, optimize collections and gain access to insightful financial reports tailored to your specific business needs.

Payroll Processing

Overcome the efficiency and cost-related challenges of real estate payroll processing by partnering with a team that is adept to latest accounting tools and technologies.

Management Accounting

Make smarter business decisions by leveraging accurate, reliable and timely financial information to power your real estate business to the next level

Why QX Is A Trusted Name in Real Estate Industry

Here are some of the top benefits your business can reap from partnering with QX

Domain Expertise

Leverage QX’s rich experience of more than a decade and a half of providing F&A services to businesses in the UK & US to propel your real estate business to the next level

Skilled, Scalable Teams

We offer a team of highly skilled & experienced accountants that are capable of meeting all your real estate accounting requests and can be easily scaled-up or down depending on your requirements

Partnership Approach

QX follows a unique partnership approach which allows us to work closely with our clients to understand their specific organizational needs, devise customized solutions and ensure continued improvement

Secure Services

Data security is at the heart of QX’s commitment to its clients and we ensure end-to-end safety of all your data us by making use of latest data security policies

Reduced Costs

Implement F&A best practices and automate repetitive & transactional activities to bring down your overall F&A costs by up to 40%

Top Notch Infrastructure

QX’s global delivery centers are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, that allow us to provide 24/7 assistance to our clients across a multitude of industries

Software Abilities

The QX team is capable of working with all industry-standard software to transform finance and accounting for your real estate business. We are also flexible to including any additional systems in our solutions to suit your organizational needs.

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Speak to our experts to understand how your business can benefit from QX’s outsourced F&A solutions.