QX ParseMastr

QX ParseMastr

QX ParseMastr

Copy-pastes and enters data from emails to other software or excel sheets by extracting data on the basis of configured email templates.

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QX ParseMastr

Organisations often handle a large number of emails with same or similar information. Processing this information manually can lead to wastage of time, money and human resources.

An easy-to-configure tool, QX ParseMastr is capable of understanding and parsing data from multiple email templates that use different names for various fields. Save time, money and effort associated with manual data entry processes by leveraging this tool.

Automate email parsing & improve efficiency


Input & parse data from pop, imap, gmail, exchange and office 365 with varying field names


Map fields with relationships to create table structures in one go


Output extracted data in preferred format choices


Automatically send extracted data for further processing


Replace manual processing with automation to save time, money & effort

Smart, scalable and easy-to-configure

Easy set up

QX ParseMastr allows the user to manage unlimited number of email accounts from one dashboard. In addition, users can be easily added or removed and their details can be modified with a few clicks. The administrator can also set up user roles for specific system modules.

Private & Secure

Run the software on your system with the guarantee of the information staying secure and private. QX ParseMastr does not share data with any applications, except the ones you choose.

Parse attachments

Parse both email body as well as attachments seamlessly with QX ParseMastr.  The data can be sent for further processing to other applications, or saved in spreadsheet files.

Filter emails

Process only relevant emails and attachments – easily filtering and ignoring emails on the basis of sender, location, subject, date, and other criteria.

Email alerts / exception handling

Get instant email alerts notifying failure in case of change in email templates. An email is sent to the configured admin address.



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