How an Email Parsing Bot is Helping Recruitment Agencies Skyrocket Efficiency

Posted on October 05, 2021
Written By Rukmani Krishna

How an Email Parsing Bot is Helping Recruitment Agencies Skyrocket Efficiency

For any business, email is an integral component that is used for customer acquisition and retention. It is also the most common mode of receiving information from clients, candidates, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Emails often contain vital information for businesses to function and grow; however, managing and processing data in a large number is often time-consuming, laborious, and even costly.

Thankfully, it is possible to automatically extract the relevant information from email and populate it into Excel sheets or software. Automating various email-related processes, like sorting invoices, receipts, and contacts among other things, can help streamline and speed up several recruitment processes. It also frees up more time to focus on value-add and strategic tasks.

Let’s first understand what exactly is a parsing tool before we discuss why you should opt for one.

What Is Email Parsing?

In simple terms, email parsing is a technology that extracts important information, or data, from your emails without having to manually read each email. This will save your business and staff lots of time, money, and effort. Some of the most common pieces of information that email parsing tools extract include:

  • Purchase order details
  • Contact form details
  • Appointment queries
  • Lead-related emails

How Does Email Parsing Work?

The manner in which email parsing is done depends on your exact business needs. Generally, you program an email parsing software to search for certain specific terms and keywords in every email. In fact, you can teach this software to recognise patterns, understand what data is relevant or important, and know what information to ignore. An email parser is capable of reading any text within an email from fields like headers and bodies, which includes both plain text and HTML.

Once you’ve set up the software and created parsing rules, it will automatically capture and extract important textual information from incoming emails. For departments like sales and marketing, an email parser can extract leads, customers, and other relevant data and send it directly to a CRM or other platforms. For more in-depth understanding of how this can help a recruitment agency, read the story of how a recruitment agency leveraged QX’s Email Parser to reap significant benefits.

Automation & Email Parsing

A basic email parser will only extract information from emails, your staff will still need to sort and analyse the data. Here, you can benefit from using an advanced email parser software that can be automated.

Your business stands to gain several benefits from automating the email parsing function. For example, with automation, your data can be sorted into different categories, post which you can program the software to perform different actions. This will save your staff a lot of time and effort, which can be used for other tasks.

With an automated email parser, you can set up specific workflows and even extract customer data for your CRM. The email parser tool can take care of administrative-heavy tasks that are usually done manually and tend to be time-consuming due to their repetitive nature.

What Tasks Can an Email Parser Handle?

Some of the most common tasks an email parser can do include:

1) Schedule appointments: If your staff are constantly running around to schedule appointments, you’ll benefit from using an email parser tool. It is capable of picking up relevant appointment information from your emails and automating things within your appointment scheduling software. Furthermore, the parser can even schedule follow-up appointments, saving you time and effort.

2) Organise lead-related information: An email parser can help you sort and organise your leads, which in turn helps in nurturing them properly. The parser can even extract all lead-related information and place it in your CRM without any manual intervention. It is also capable of transferring information to an Excel Sheet, where your sales staff can keep track of sales numbers and other relevant information.

3) Improve engagement: An advanced parser tool can send SMSes and voice messages to your customers. It’s also possible to schedule messages prior to important events for better engagement and audience turnout. For example, the tool can send out a reminder SMS maybe an hour before a webinar begins or it can share updates about important projects with relevant stakeholders over SMS.

4) Extract data from attachments: The parser can read through job-requirement related data or candidate resumes to extract the specific information that you need. By templatising the data from start, this process can be fully automated.


With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we do business across the globe, it’s doubly essential that you choose the right email parser tool for your business, so as to boost productivity, lead generation, and efficiency. Ensure you choose a tool that not only offers flawless data extraction but also integrates well with your existing systems.

Are you on the search for an email parsing software for your recruitment agency? QX’s Email Parser Software allows recruitment agencies to automate the process of understanding and parsing data from multiple email templates. Get in touch with us to schedule a free demo today!

Originally published Oct 05, 2021 07:10:35, updated Jun 26 2024


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