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Purpose-built Student Housing (PBSH)

Next-Gen F&A Solutions to Boost Your PBSH Bottom Line

In recent years, accounting has risen as a significant cost center for businesses across the US. The challenges of securing skilled accountants and establishing efficient back-offices pose substantial barriers for owners and managers in the Purpose-built Student Housing (PBSH) sector.

Enter QX Global Group, delivering a comprehensive suite of tailored Finance & Accounting (F&A) solutions to the PBSH sector.  Harnessing the power of intelligent technology and a deep talent pool of highly skilled accountants over a span of fifteen years, we’ve been the catalyst for F&A transformation in an impressive 9 out of the top 20 PBSH companies across the US & UK.

Ready to drive down costs, overcome talent shortages, and scale effectively? Trust QX Global Group to be your partner in transforming the future of your business.


Property Accounting

  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Student Deposit Management
  • Expense Recharges
  • Student Refund & Amendments
  • Budgeting & Forecasting

Development Accounting

  • Accounts Payable
  • Job Costing
  • Project Costing
  • CIS Data Management & Reporting
  • Retention Ledger
  • WIP Accounts
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliation
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Drawdown Working

Management Accounting

  • Accruals
  • Prepayments
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliations
  • WIP Account Reconciliations
  • Retention Account Reconciliations

Investment Accounting

  • Lender Reporting
  • Rent Reserve Working
  • Drawdown Working

Lease Administration Services

  • Verification of parties to lease agreement
  • Tenant Space Information
  • Term, Lease Index & Notes
  • Base rent & Renewals and Abatement/concession
  • Lease Audit
  • Deposit Information
  • Late Charges
  • Additional Rent (CAM/Operating expenses, RE taxes, Utility/HVAC, Insurance and other)

Tenancy Enquiry Management

  • 24/7 enquiry support through chat, calls and emails
  • Coverage for out-of-hours, weekends and holidays
  • Student queries resolution as per client instructions, ensuring great customer experience
  • Maximizing occupancy rates during student intake seasons, while property managers focus on their core tasks

Why PBSH Companies Choose QX

  • 9 OF THE TOP 20 PBSH companies in US & UK work with us
  • 14+ YEARS of rental housing accounting experience
  • 250,000+ UNITS/BEDS covered in our accounting services
  • 1,800+ ACCOUNTANTS including 500+ certified accounting experts with CPA, CA, ACCA and Masters Degrees
  • 250+ ENTERPRISE CLIENTS served through our end-to-end solutions


Process Automation

Our team excels at forging tailored solutions through deep collaboration with our clients. We're adept at developing innovative applications, seamlessly integrating existing tools, and deploying strategic automation tactics.

Skilled, Scalable Teams

Leverage QX’s flexible models with a proactive workforce structure that allows for the addition of temporary workforce to meet project-specific requirements, while also providing dedicated training teams and e-learning platforms.

Reengineered Processes

QX concentrates on supercharging process efficiency, wielding industry-leading best practices. We streamline client processes, cut costs, and turbocharge productivity, transforming inefficiencies into strengths.

Smooth Transitions

We master the complexities of software migration with our seasoned team's diverse ERP expertise and support from external consultants, guaranteeing a seamless transition journey.

Client Stories

Scott Berry, Commercial & Finance Director, Fresh Property Group

Scott Berry, Commercial & Finance Director - Fresh Property Group opens up on his finance outsourcing experience with QX Global Group and the key business benefits from this decade-long partnership.

Brian King, CFO, Eureka Holdings

Brian King, VP CFO -Eureka Holdings speaks about his experience of working with QX Global Group.

David Tymms, Chief Operating Officer, iQ Student Accommodation

This video testimonial shows how QX F&A has been an asset to IQ Student Accommodation.

PBSH Transformation: The Automation Edge

QX offers a range of software-based F&A solutions which are tailored for PBSH businesses. Our services are bundled with platform-agnostic systems and APIs to suit the various needs of a real estate organization.



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