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Maintain up-to-date and reliable data by seamlessly setting up new customers, updating existing records and conducting timely customer credit checks.

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In the modern business scenario, organizations that leverage customer data to provide their customers personalized services are more likely to be successful. To make this happen, businesses must generate up-to-date and accurate information on each customer and take required actions on the basis of this data.

As a part of its O2C range of solutions, QX offers expert assistance in building & maintaining customer data for all your customers, for all the relevant fields including quotations, contacts, order history, credit limits, credit worthiness and more. This access to accurate and reliable data allows our clients to deliver a highly personalized experience to their customers.

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Why Leading Businesses Partner with QX

Receive support for central repositories

Partnering with QX allows businesses to create a reliable version of all the key data pertaining to their customers. This information facilitates better understanding of customers’ history, preferences and relationships.

Manage customers efficiently

The QX team takes your O2C process to the next level by providing access to in-depth and up-to-date data on all your customers. Leverage this information to deliver personalized offers, prices and experiences to each of your clients.

Shift focus to critical business

Compiling customer data and creating reports is a laborious and time-consuming process that can drain out onshore resources. With QX generating reliable data and reports, onshore teams can shift focus to activities that release higher value.

Reduce your O2C costs

Optimize processes, implement technology and cut down staffing expenses to bring down the costs associated with managing and maintaining customer data.


Outsourced Customer Master Management

Streamline the process of managing customer data while improving data accuracy with QX’s outsourced Customer Master Data Management.

  • New customer account set up
  • Amendments to existing master records
  • Periodical credit check for existing customers
  • Create customised customer reports on request

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