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Quickly address and resolve customer queries pertaining to your company’s O2C cycle using QX’s Customer Helpdesk solutions.

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A big part of providing a seamless customer experience involves resolving queries on time and allowing customers to access data easily.

As a part of its O2C range of services, QX offers customer helpdesk support to its clients across the US & UK. Our outsourced customer helpdesk solutions ensure effective customer relationship management and deliver a memorable business experience. Bring down business queries, allow customers to easily access relevant information and ensure swift resolution of any queries that might arise with QX’s outsourced customer helpdesk.

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Why Leading Businesses Benefit from QX’s Customer Helpdesk Solutions

Resolve queries faster with centralization

QX introduces a team of experienced and trained helpdesk professionals to your business. These helpdesk experts ensure that the most important O2C disputes and issues are resolved first through categorization and prioritization.

Deliver positive customer experience

Partnering with QX allows businesses to increase customer satisfaction and build better relationships as the dedicated helpdesk gives customers an easily accessible, single point of contact.

Constantly improve your O2C process

With QX, businesses can leverage records of the most common disputes and data relation to individual customer accounts to further optimize their O2C process.

Bring down your O2C costs

QX’s dedicated offshore support allows businesses to improve the quality of their customer helpdesk, while bringing down the operational costs by up to 50%.

Outsourced Customer Helpdesk Solutions

QX Customer Helpdesk Solution

As a part of its O2C range of solutions, QX offers highly tailored customer helpdesk support to ensure that queries are managed effectively and on time. Our key areas of focus include:

Customer relationship management

QX holds rich industry expertise in setting up and maintaining systems to improve customer relationship management. The QX teams leverages a centralized and up-to-date database to track all the bill & payments and ensure seamless communication with customers.

Customer query management

The QX team maintains a log of inbound and outbound response rate using a dependable query management system. We monitor the process and performance closely to ensure that customers receive quick and accurate service every time.

Dispute and deduction management

QX’s customer helpdesk solutions also allow our clients to work closely with our team of experts to establish and implement effective dispute and deduction management procedures. This brings down the number of invoice disputes & unauthorized deductions and establishes straight-through processing.

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