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Streamline billing cycle, reduce accounting operational costs and deliver a seamless customer experience with outsourced billing.

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Bill generation, customer information updation and customer contract reviewing are some key finance functions that can be extremely tedious and time-consuming in nature. QX introduces a dedicated team of billing experts to your business, facilitating better cash flow management and collection rates. In addition, working with QX also ensures that you deliver a seamless experience to your customers.

The QX billing team follows a unique partnership approach that allows us to work closely with our clients for optimization projects and perform the day-to-day activities required to meet their specific business goals.

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Why Leading Businesses Benefit From QX’s Billing Services

Ensure timely payment processing

Resolve issues related to incorrect bills and late payments through highly accurate and speedy billing processes. Benefit from this optimization to increase the portion of timely payments significantly.

Streamline your billing processes

QX holds rich expertise in simplifying and speeding up billing processes by understanding our clients’ existing processes and optimizing workflows. Improve efficiency, achieve cost savings and optimize your billing function by partnering with QX.

Build stronger business relations

Leverage highly accurate billing to improve customer experience. Get expert support and consultations for building self-service portals for customers.

Get timely and accurate financial reports

Gain access to key information like DSO and bad debts with customized reports to enable smarter and well-informed business decisions.

Focus on core business

Benefit from our team of billing experts to free onshore teams of mundane credit control task and shift focus to business growth and transformation.


The QX team helps speed up and streamline billing for its clients by providing reliable support. Some of the key services we provide include:

  • Billing
  • Invoice creation and upload on client’s online billing portal
  • Sending invoices through email and post along with relevant supporting documents
  • Credit and rebilling
  • Customer contract review for billing

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