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Get access to insightful information on the O2C cycle and team performance through a wide range of standardized as well as custom reports

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Businesses with ambitious growth plans and/or potential cash crunches often regard their O2C as a top priority as it directly involves capital inflow. However, the large number of transactions can often blur the picture, especially for medium to large enterprises.

QX leverages intuitive dashboards and a personalized approach to provide timely, accurate and in-depth reporting solutions pertaining to all your O2C aspects. We adhere to industry best practices which allows our partners to optimize their O2C and stay in control of their business finances.

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Outsourced Reporting Solutions to Optimize Order to Cash

Make data-driven business decisions

Work with a team of dedicated data experts to get access to up-to-date information on items like aging accounts, collection trends, customer accounts setup, sales analysis trend, DSO trends and more.

Transform your reporting process

The QX team holds rich expertise in working closely with onshore teams to automate a major part of your business’ O2C reporting. Partner with QX to identify your key reporting needs and implement latest reporting software.

Improve business performance through monitoring

Keep a constant track of your offshore team’s performance across the O2C cycle through access to detailed level reports.



Optimize O2C with Accurate Outsourced Reporting

Get visibility on cash inflows, customer status and overall business finances with QX’s wide range of reporting solutions.

  • AR aging report
  • Cash collection trend
  • Number of new customer accounts set up
  • Number of customer accounts amended with reasons
  • Number of outbound emails
  • Number of statements printed
  • Number of inbound and outbound calls
  • Trend showing sales analysis (monthly)
  • Trend showing number of sales invoices raised (monthly)
  • Number of cash receipts vs. Posted
  • Unallocated cash reports
  • Dso days trend analysis
  • Number of customer complaints
  • % complaining customers to total customers (#)
  • Number of credit reviews performed

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