QX Finance & Accounting Services (QXFA) is a part of the QX group of companies which was launched by Chris Robinson, a KPMG-qualified, ICAEW-member chartered accountant.

Ever since our inception in 2003, we have continued to deliver highly personalized finance & accounting services through our delivery centers in India to clients spread across industries like recruitment, student housing, manufacturing & healthcare amongst others. Our range of finance & accounting services allow businesses in the USA to:

Optimize F&A processes & centralize operations
Digitize traditional processes & implement intelligent automation
Overcome staffing issues with professional yet flexible F&A teams
Benefit from timely & accurate business reporting to make well-informed strategic decisions

With QX Finance & Accounting Services, you get a dedicated team of experienced professionals for your back office finance & accounts and payroll functions. Whether you are seeking process-improvements, crave freedom from worrying about compliance, want to reduce operational costs, or wish to avail the benefits of a flexible workforce, you can rely on us.

Our Services

1. Accounts Payable

Accounts payable (AP) processes have a direct impact on a company’s cash flow. However, many businesses continue to rely on paper invoices, leading to increased costs and frequent errors. QX delivers high accuracy rates and decreases costs through process excellence, e-invoicing and strategic use of technology. Turn the focus to strategic functions by freeing up your onshore teams through QX’s offshored AP services.

2. Accounts Receivable

A timely and effective cash flow plays a crucial role in optimizing business performance and setting up a reliable accounts receivable (AR) process is the perfect starting point. However, the complex and time-consuming nature of the AR process can often make it an expensive burden on in-house accounting teams. With clear SLAs, QX’s outsourced AR services help you achieve your cash flow goals, reduce operating costs and build stronger customer relationships. Ensure that you get paid promptly by adhering to best practices and process excellence with AR outsourcing.

3. Credit Control

Credit control, unlike other F&A functions, is a jigsaw of various processes that often takes the focus away from higher-end tasks. QX offers highly flexible credit control services for businesses in the US, ensuring that your business receives real and measurable cost savings along with increased efficiency. Reduce bad debts, optimize cash flow and implement seamless communication with outsourced debt collection services.

4. Management Accounting

Accurate and reliable financial information is the foundation for business growth. QX’s management accounting and reporting services allows you to stay on the top of constantly changing regulations, avoid business risks, and shape business strategy effectively. Gain precise, relevant & timely information to drive business growth with QX’s management accounting outsourcing services.

5. Payroll Processing

Constantly changing tax legislation and regulations make payroll processing one of the most complex and time-consuming tasks for businesses in the US. QX’s payroll outsourcing solutions help organizations reduce costs by up to 50%, optimize productivity and improve administration. Streamline bookkeeping processes and ensure timely payments with payroll processing outsourcing services.

Why US Companies Choose QX

Partnership Approach

We don’t just ‘do’ the accounts for you, we work to make them better. We follow best practices and continually review to ensure ongoing process improvement for your business.

Smooth Transitions

Our in-depth industry understanding, coupled with knowledge of standard processes and policies enables us to transition new clients swiftly and smoothly.

Staffing Flexibilities

With QX, you have the flexibility to ramp resources up or down on the basis of your changing requirements. Easily add resources when your requirements spike and move beyond SLAs to direct resources to urgent tasks.

Strategic Technology Support

As needed, our in-house IT team helps integrate, enhance and build applications to streamline your processes and digitize your systems.

Data Security

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified for information security and ISO 9001:2015 for quality management systems. We ensure the highest level of data security by deploying multiple layers of protection and adhering to highest international information security standards.


Ever since its inception in 2003, QXFA has continued to build its offshore finance & accounting capability to provide high quality services which increase process efficiency, reduce back-office costs and enable organizational transformation for clients.

Backed by a unique people-process-platform approach, QX has grown into a global family of 1400+ professionals spread across our offices in Skipton & New Jersey and five delivery centers in India. The QX family is dedicated to understanding your specific organizational needs, devising customized solutions and building scalable models to empower business growth.


QX offers a range of finance & accounting outsourcing services for businesses in the US. These services can be tailored to suit your specific organizational needs and can help you achieve your transformation goals.


QX is India’s first GDPR compliant BPO company with rich experience in providing finance & accounting services, making it one of the most recognized & reliable F&A service providers in the UK.

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