Advanced Analytics Solutions

Custom predictive analytics tools to facilitate strategic decision-making


Leverage Current & Future Data to Track Performance End-to-End, Predict Customer Trends & Enable Informed Business Decisions

Over the last few years, the business landscape has become a lot more complex and cut-throat, forcing companies to adapt a more forward-looking approach. Businesses that leverage data to identify risks & opportunities, predict trends & patterns, and facilitate strategic decision-making are more likely to drive efficiencies and increase sales.

Advanced Analytics involves utilizing current and historical Business Intelligence data autonomously or semi-autonomously to determine patterns and predict future trends & results. Advanced analytics helps organizations optimize business performance management and future-proof the business, by relying on techniques like data mining and machine learning amongst others.

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How do QX’s Predictive Analytics Solutions Benefit Your Business

We specialize in consulting, development and implementation of custom predictive analytics tools that help our clients harness value from their existing data. Our solutions help businesses:

  • Turbocharge business performance & productivity with descriptive analytics
  • Improve customer management by diagnosing needs
  • Better predict market trends & events
  • Business Analytics to enhance your automation program performance
  • Optimize Shared Services using Advanced Analytics
  • Foresee demand-supply changes
  • Drive smarter and prescribe more informed business decisions

Tangible Business Benefits

Increased efficiency & accuracy

Reduced cost of operations

Saves man hours by automating repetitive tasks

Improved compliance

Predictive Analytics Services & Solutions

Predictive analytics consulting

Custom software development & implementation

Consumer analytics

Customer relationship management

Predictive Analytics Use Cases

Predictive Analytics Use Cases

  • Payables Optimizer
  • Duplicate Invoice Tracking
  • Spend Analytics
  • T&E Advisor

Order-to-Cash (O2C)

  • Cash Advisor
  • Collection Optimizer
  • Working Capital Analytics

Record-to-Report (R2R)

  • Journal Entry Advisor
  • Month End Analytics
  • Variance Advisor


  • Churn prediction
  • Demand prediction
  • Recommendation system
  • Customer segmentation
  • Credit scoring
  • Dynamic pricing

Software We Use

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