The client is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in its industry, comprising of a network of 20+ brands grown through mergers and acquisitions. In order to build a scalable business model, the client wanted to set up a Global Business Services (GBS) structure.

Business Challenges

  • Transitioning from a long withstanding region/entity-based structure
  • Build a plug-and-play model to easily integrate services for newly acquired brands.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of current processes to increase team efficiency, implement smart automation and build a scalable business model.

QX Solution

In order to bring about organisational transformation for the client, QX followed a unique Transition-Improve-Transformation model:

  • Transition: For the first six months of our partnership with the client, the QX team worked on process mapping, identified client requirements, did an in-depth risk analysis and did a comprehensive process baselining.
  • Stabilise & Improve: In the 6 to 18-month period, the QX team focused on introducing ISO, monitoring processes, collecting feedback and ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Transformation: 18 months into the partnership, QX moved into the transformation phase – bringing about smart automation, benchmarking and continuous process improvement.

Benefits Overview

  • 2M GBP savings delivered in 18 months
  • Consolidation of Services through Outsourcing model into one center
  • Moving from a region/entity based to process-based structure
  • More than 99% accuracy in payroll processing, with reduced query rates & unbilled amount
  • Significant decrease in DSO, unallocated cash and 90+ aged debt of ledger balance through effective AR & Credit Control
  • More than 99% accuracy in invoice processing with reduced average open tickets through agile AP processes
  • Over 94% accuracy in compliance maintenance