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Order-To-Cash Reporting

Access a wide range of industry standard as well as customised reports, which provide our clients insightful information on the O2C cycle as well as team performance.

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The Order-To-Cash process involves capital inflow and is therefore a top priority for businesses with ambitious growth plans and also for industries that typically face cash crunch. For mid-to-large enterprises, the sheer number of transactions and the complexities can often blur the picture.

Adhering to industry best practices, QX provides in-depth, timely and accurate reporting on all the key O2C aspects, using intuitive dashboards and personalising the reports to fulfil the specific needs of your business. This helps our clients stay on top of business finances and optimise the order-to-cash process.

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How QX’s O2C Reporting Helps Clients

Accurate data for effective decisions

Get full visibility and up-to-date information on items like aging accounts, collection trends, customer accounts setup, sales analysis trend, DSO and more.

Transform reporting

The team at QX can work closely with you to identify key reporting needs, suggest and implement relevant reporting software and automate a major part of your O2C reporting.

Process Optimization

Monitor and improve performance

Access detailed reports on the offshore team’s performance across the O2C cycle, along with SLA and KPI reporting.


Accurate and Insightful Reports to Optimise Your Order-to-cash Cycle

QX creates a wide range of O2C reports to provide you with a clear picture of cash inflows, customer status, and overall business finances.

  • AR aging report
  • Cash collection trend
  • Number of new customer accounts set up
  • Number of customer accounts amended with reasons
  • Number of outbound emails
  • Number of statements printed
  • Number of inbound and outbound calls
  • Trend showing sales analysis (monthly)
  • Trend showing number of sales invoices raised (monthly)
  • Number of cash receipts vs. Posted
  • Unallocated cash reports
  • Dso days trend analysis
  • Number of customer complaints
  • % complaining customers to total customers (#)
  • Number of credit reviews performed

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