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Customer Master Management Services

Set up new customers, amend existing records and conduct periodic customer credit checks to maintain up-to-date and trusted data.

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Modern customers expect personalised services. Organisations that are able to leverage customer data to satisfy this need will have an edge over the competition. To make this possible, it is essential to generate up-to-date and accurate information on each customer and take actions on the basis of this data.

As a part of the O2C cycle, QX builds and maintains customer master data, maintaining data for all your customers, for all the relevant fields including quotations, contacts, order history, credit limits, credit worthiness and more. By maintaining accurate and reliable data, we ensure that your team has the right information at hand to deliver personalised treatment to your customers.

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How Businesses Benefit from QX’s Customer Master Data Management Services

Save money

Reduce cost

Bring down the costs associated with managing and maintaining customer data by optimising the process, implementing technology and reducing costs associated with the staff.


Support for centralised repository

Create a reliable, final version of all the key data pertaining to all your customers. Leverage the information to build a better understanding of customers’ history, preferences and relationships.

Access Global Talent

Smarter customer engagement

Access to up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive data on all the customers enables your organisation to deliver personalised offers, pricing and experiences to individual clients.

Focus on what really matters

Compiling customer data and creating reports often consumes a significant amount of your onshore team’s time – with QX providing reliable data and reports, your core team can focus on activities that release higher value.

Supplier Master Data Management Services to Strengthen Your Supply Chain

QX’s Customer Master Data Management services help streamline the process of managing customer data while also improving accuracy of the data.

  • New customer account set up
  • Amendments to existing master records
  • Periodical credit check for existing customers
  • Create customised customer reports on request

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