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Customer Helpdesk Services

Address customer queries pertaining to the order-to-cash cycle and rapidly resolve disputes using QX’s Helpdesk Services.

Resolving queries on time and enabling customers to access data rapidly is essential to providing a good customer experience.

We offer customer helpdesk support as a part of our order-to-cash suite of services. Our Helpdesk Support services enable customers to easily access relevant information, and helps to reduce queries, while rapidly resolving any disputes that may arise. With our Customer Helpdesk services, you can ensure effective customer relationship management and deliver a quality experience that your customers remember.


How QX’s Customer Helpdesk Services are Helping Leading Business in the UK

Faster problem resolution via centralisation

Experienced and trained helpdesk professionals managing the helpdesk ensure that O2C related queries are properly categorised and resolved as per priority, ensuring that most important disputes and issues are resolved first.

Knowledgebase for improvement

QX’s helpdesk teams maintain records of the most common disputes, data relation to individual customer accounts, and more. Analysis of this information helps optimise your O2C process.

Access Global Talent

Happier customers

With a dedicated helpdesk, the customers have a single point of contact they can easily access, with a surety that they will get a response. This increases customer satisfaction and improves the relationship.


Reduced cost

With the dedicated team from QX managing customer queries, the cost of Helpdesk operations is reduced by up to 50%, while the quality of service is elevated.


Customer Helpdesk Services for a Streamlined O2C Process

QX offers personalised customer helpdesk services to ensure that queries are managed effectively and on time. Our key areas of focus include:

Customer Relationship Management
With a centralised, categorised and up-to-date database, it is easy to track all the bill & payments and communicate effectively with all customers. QX helps clients set up and maintain effective systems to improve customer relationship management.

Customer Query Management
We use a reliable query management system to maintain a log of inbound and outbound response rate. Close monitoring of the process and performance ensures that customers receive prompt and high-quality service, irrespective of the specific individuals handling the queries.

Dispute and Deduction Management
Our O2C services focus on reducing invoice disputes & unauthorised deductions and establishing straight-through processing. To tackle and rapidly resolve any such instances, QX works closely with the client to establish and implement effective dispute and deduction management procedures.

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