Sourcing and Screening Support

Sourcing and Screening Support

Bespoke candidate sourcing services to meet niche & high-volume demands across industries.

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Outsourced talent sourcing and screening solutions to give your staffing agency agility, flexibility and scalability.

Whether you need to source engineers on a large scale or IT specialists with niche skillsets, our offshore candidate sourcing and screening services will help you attract and recruit the best talent, even in a market reeling from skills shortages. Our talent sourcing professionals are equipped with the latest tools and platforms to deliver superior resume sourcing service – a rich internal database of candidates, online job portals, premium job boards, web communities, forums, social media, and other digital recruiting platforms.

Outsourcing your candidate sourcing and screening process to QX gives your staffing agency added agility, flexibility and scalability, while also helping you reduce costs on overheads and administration expenses.

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Streamlined Process

Reduce inefficiencies and optimize processes to improve service delivery quality.

Experienced Team

Dedicated team of experts trained and experienced in using the latest ATS, job boards, and MSP-VMS tech.


Easily ramp up/down your offshore delivery team based on business and market demands ensuring business continuity.

Cost Savings

Reduce cost-per-hire and fixed cost burden to become more economically flexible.


Reduced time-to-hire

find great talent faster with higher recruiting acumen, industry expertise and advanced technology.

Improve Quality of Hire

Create talent pools and attract the best candidates globally with a high-touch approach to sourcing & screening.


Resume Sourcing & Candidate Screening

Find exceptional candidates faster with our CV Sourcing and pre-employment screening services. Gain operating flexibility and boost your service quality and reliability.

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Executive Search & Headhunting

We employ numerous sourcing strategies targeting different channels such as social media, forums and referrals to help you find the best-fit top management professionals.

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Market Mapping & Research

Step ahead of competition and prepare for market volatility, build smart and agile talent strategies and growth plans with in-depth geographical & competitor research.

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Candidate Sourcing

Supercharge your company's success with QX's candidate sourcing services. Find top talent effortlessly, save time and resources, and gain data-driven insights to make the best hiring decisions. Elevate your recruitment game and propel your business forward with our tailored solutions.

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A Guide to Talent Sourcing for Recruiters

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Outsourced candidate sourcing support to meet immediate high-volume staffing demand

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