Resume Sourcing Services for Staffing Agencies

Resume Sourcing Services for Staffing Agencies

Outsourced resume sourcing and CV formatting services to meet your client’s custom requirements.

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Cost-effective and industry-specific resume sourcing and CV formatting services.

Deliver candidate CVs to your customers in formats of their preference or define a template of your choice to make resumes easily scannable and readable, even facilitating process automation. QX’s trained resume specialists are equipped with the latest tech to edit the candidates’ resumes as per required format based on the job function or industry and make sure that the edited resume reflects the specific job requirements, thereby increasing the chance of filling in the role in less turnaround time.

Outsourcing resume formatting process to QX enables you to screen CVs at a much faster rate while also being cost-efficient.

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Streamlined Process

Reduce inefficiencies and optimize processes to improve service delivery quality.

Experienced Team

Dedicated team of experts trained and experienced in using the latest ATS, job boards, and MSP-VMS tech.


Easily ramp up/down your offshore delivery team based on business and market demands ensuring business continuity.

Cost Savings

Reduce cost-per-hire and fixed cost burden to become more economically flexible.


Reduced time-to-hire

find great talent faster with higher recruiting acumen, industry expertise and advanced technology.

Improve Quality of Hire

Create talent pools and attract the best candidates globally with a high-touch approach to sourcing & screening.




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