Market Mapping & Research for Staffing Agencies

Market Mapping & Research Services for Staffing Agencies

Make informed decisions with business market mapping & detailed intelligence reports.

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Proactive Recruitment Market Mapping Support to build data-driven growth strategies.

Perform thorough proactive research of the job market you want your agency to explore and grow through gaining actionable insights around talent availability, industry presence and salary caps segmented per geography. QX Global Group’s market mapping service for staffing agencies helps them identify and evaluate the candidates’ availability and demand around their target market. It provides insights into the candidates’ geographical presence and allows you to gauge the potency of the locations where you may find the best-fit target candidate pool. It also provides information on talent skillsets, expectations, and growth.

As an offshore staffing partner with global reach, we offer excellent outsourced market mapping solutions for businesses seeking to develop data-driven growth strategies.

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Talent Readiness

Tailor-made analysis report of the candidate supply and demand, and compensation data.

Competitor Insights

Gain thorough insights to identify key competitors and assess your strengths and weaknesses.

Set Standards

Gauge and set benchmarks that are realistic and achievable based on the market.

Data-Driven Growth Strategy

Build entry Strategy and/or expansion strategy in the US market with comprehensive overview on the talent and competition landscape

Global Reach

Increased reach at a global level helps the agency gain access to an extensive network within a specific sector.


Recruit Faster

Proactive market maps can allow you to reduce time-to-hire and recruit candidates more efficiently and swiftly.



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