Purchase Order Management Services

Exercise stronger budgetary controls and improve compliance with policies, gain visibility on all purchase orders, streamline PO processing, and reduce the P2P cycle time.


For any organisation that handles a large volume of supplier-related transactions, it is challenging to ensure timely material & service delivery while maintaining healthy business relationships. Email or paper-driven ordering and approval is not only time consuming, but also prone to errors.

QX’s Purchase Order Management service allows businesses to digitise and automate the ordering process, handle orders from multiple locations, improve order tracking and provide better visibility on business spends through insightful reporting.

Why leading businesses choose QX’s PO Management Services

Streamlined flow and communications

Our PO management experts work closely with your team to optimise the PO process, ensuring that it is simple and short, while complying with your internal guidelines. We also help businesses identify and implement PO automation applications.

Effective budgetary control

Mitigate procurement related financial risks by building hierarchical level approval flows and specific monetary parameters. We help optimise the parameters and ensure strict adherence.

PO Monitoring and Visibility

Updated records in the systems and customised reports ensure that you have full visibility into the status of all orders. This helps rapidly identify and remove blockages and also supports smarter decision making.

Transformation support

We can help your organisation move from paper-based or legacy PO systems to digital, automated systems. Our expertise in the area also allows us to support you by optimising PO management process and introducing industry best practices.

Improved experience

Following a process-driven and proactive approach, we ensure that it is easy for your team to raise and approve POs. Accurate and timely payments also ensure that your suppliers are satisfied.

Reduce cost of PO management

With a team of offshore PO management experts working dedicatedly on your project, you will experience equal or better quality, while reducing the cost of PO management operations by up to 50%.

Requisition-to-PO services to strengthen your supply chain

QX’s Purchase Order Management services focus on streamlining the PO cycle, with an eye on delivering personalised services that help you mitigate financial risk, maintain compliance and provide better employee and customer experience.


Material requisition

Your staff can create and submit a purchase requisition by either selecting a product from your centralised catalogue or pre-approved vendors. Once the requisition request is raised, it is sent for review to the approving authority.

Approval workflow

Based on the set workflow, the request is routed for review and approval. Either the system or QX team members send periodic reminders to take the approval process further.

Purchase Order Creation

The team or the software creates a purchase order based on the information regarding the supplier, ordered items and approving authority. The approved PO is shared with the supplier as a legal contract for the transaction.

PO Expedition / Troubleshooting

The team troubleshoots and updates the information in case of discrepancies or expedites the purchase order to ensure the timeliness of service or material delivery.

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Software Abilities

We work with all major accounting, P2P and PO Management software and can work with your existing platform as well. Some of the software we use on a regular basis include:

Proprietary software

We can work with your existing PO system or use QX’s proprietary PO system to streamline and digitise your accounts payable process. For companies that do not already have reliable software in place, these alternatives enable us to rapidly digitise and optimise the PO management process.

Speak with our experts to understand how we manage purchase orders and understand its positive impact on your P2P process.