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What UK Healthcare Staffing Firms Can Expect Under the New Labour Government

Posted on July 08, 2024
Written By Ranjana Singh

UK General elections and impact on staffing industry

The UK healthcare sector has faced numerous challenges, with staffing shortages and labour issues at the forefront. Brexit has only intensified the situation, leading to a significant shortage of doctors and nurses, heightened interest rates, and increased cost of living.

According to Statista,

51% of British citizens consider the economy a top concern, with 49% ranking health as a primary issue. The ongoing cost of living crisis, fueled by soaring inflation, remains a major worry for Britons in 2024. Throughout 2023, healthcare remained a critical concern, driven by NHS staffing issues and increasing demand for services, plunging the National Health Service into its deepest crisis since its inception in the 1940s. Since late 2022, immigration has also risen as a significant concern, reflecting the complexities of the current healthcare and socio-economic environment in the UK.

Now that the UK General Elections 2024 have concluded, and the Labour party has experienced a landslide victory, what does the new Government have on their agenda for the healthcare industry, NHS, and staffing industry in particular?

We recently hosted a webinar onUK Elections 2024: Impact on NHS & Healthcare Staffing Firms” with some of the top leaders in the UK healthcare staffing industry to get answers on such critical questions.

They predicted that the Labour Party would win, and it actually happened. They also shared their thoughts on what this could mean for the NHS and healthcare staffing. Reflecting on Labour’s previous tenure in power, they significantly increased NHS funding and public health spending. What could this mean in 2024? We have discussed everything in detail in our on-demand webinar, make sure to watch it to

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Meet the Experts: Key Speakers of Our Webinar

Our webinar featured insights from top industry leaders:

1. Jane Cooper, CEO and co-founder of Novello Healthcare, highlighted the ongoing challenges and the need for strategic adjustments in healthcare staffing.

2. Tanya Bowers, Global Public Policy Director of APSCO, discussed the regulatory landscape and the importance of standardised compliance.

3. Aidid Hassan, founder of DRC Nurses and Director of DRC Group, provided a frontline perspective on recruitment challenges and opportunities.

4. Akhilesh Pandey, Chief Customer Officer with QX Global Group, analysed historical funding patterns and future expectations based on the election outcomes.

Expert’s Insights: Impact of Labour Party’s Win on Healthcare Staffing Sector

Aidid Hassan emphasised the ongoing staffing shortages and budget constraints:

We’ve been short of doctors and nurses for as long as I can remember… Brexit, changes in interest rates, and cost of living have exacerbated this crisis. Our strategy for the next decade is focusing on providing good service through technology and well-trained staff.

Jane Cooper discussed the unique challenges posed by recent years:

It started with Brexit and then the pandemic… The NHS has no budget for the winter pressures we traditionally see. Change is on the horizon with the upcoming elections.

Akhilesh Pandey shared a historical perspective on NHS funding under different political parties:

If Labour forms the government, there’s an expectation of increased NHS funding… However, this will present a challenge in finding the talent to fill these roles. Automation and technology will be crucial in managing costs and improving efficiency.

Tanya Bowers highlighted the need for standardised compliance across the NHS:

Standardised compliance is essential… A worker may be fully compliant in one trust but not accepted in another due to differing standards. This inconsistency needs to be addressed.

Strategies for Healthcare Staffing Firms Post-Election

The staffing experts shared actionable strategies for healthcare staffing firms to not just survive but thrive in the post-election environment. Watch our webinar, and we will guide you through the post-election changes, highlighting the potential gains and setbacks in healthcare staffing you can prepare for.

Webinar link: UK Elections 2024: Impact on NHS & Healthcare Staffing Firms

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Topics: Healthcare Staffing, NHS, UK General Elections 2024, UK Recruitment Industry

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