UK Elections 2024: Impact of Labour Party’s Win on Healthcare Recruitment

Posted on July 05, 2024
Written By QX Global Group

UK elections 2024

With the Labour Party winning the UK General Elections 2024, Keir Starmer’s promise, “Change begins now“, has set the stage for significant shifts. While the Labour Party has a broad agenda, including healthcare, employment reforms, and energy, this article zeroes in on what these changes mean for the UK’s healthcare recruitment companies.

The NHS reforms introduced by the Labour government will significantly impact healthcare staffing companies. These changes will reshape how these companies operate. Let’s dive into the key policy changes and explore their implications for the healthcare recruitment industry.

Key Policy Changes and Implications

Increased Funding and Staffing for the NHS

Labour’s commitment to “Get the NHS back on its feet” includes boosting NHS funding and reducing waiting times by offering 40,000 more evening and weekend appointments each week. This bold move necessitates a significant influx of healthcare professionals, opening numerous opportunities for recruitment agencies to supply qualified staff.

What Labour Wants to Do?

Deliver an extra two million NHS operations, scans, and appointments every year, equating to 40,000 more appointments every week.

How Labour Plans to Do It?

By incentivizing staff to carry out additional appointments out of hours, pooling resources across neighboring hospitals to introduce shared waiting lists and utilizing spare capacity in the independent sector to ensure quicker patient diagnosis and treatment.

Labour also aims to ensure the publication of regular, independent workforce planning across health and social care and deliver the NHS long-term workforce plan to train the necessary staff.

What Does This Mean for Healthcare Recruitment Companies?

Surge in Demand for Healthcare Professionals

The Labour government’s initiative to offer 40,000 additional NHS appointments weekly will significantly boost the demand for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals. This creates an opportunity for recruitment companies to ramp up their sourcing and placement efforts to meet this increased demand.

Opportunities for Specialisation

The focus on out-of-hours appointments and using independent sector capacity creates niche opportunities. Agencies that can provide staff willing to work evenings and weekends or have experience placing candidates in independent healthcare facilities will be in high demand. Therefore, healthcare recruitment companies can consider specializing in these areas that could set them apart.

Long-Term Contracts and Stability

Labour’s commitment to long-term workforce planning for the NHS signals a shift towards more stable and long-term employment contracts. Recruitment companies could benefit from increased demand for long-term placements, providing more stable revenue streams compared to short-term or temporary contracts.

Need for Strategic Partnerships

With Labour planning to pool resources across hospitals and use independent sector capacity, strategic partnerships will be essential. Building and maintaining strong relationships with NHS trusts and private healthcare providers will be crucial for securing contracts and meeting staffing needs.

Focus on Training and Upskilling

Labour’s long-term workforce plan emphasizes training to meet healthcare demands. Recruitment companies may need to invest in training and upskilling programs to ensure their candidates are well-prepared to meet the high standards expected by the NHS, thereby improving their employability and readiness to fill critical roles.

Seizing the Opportunity

Labour’s emphasis on NHS reform, including the promise of additional funding and appointments, underscores the critical role that healthcare recruitment firms will play in ensuring these targets are met. By aligning their strategies with the Labour government’s healthcare objectives, recruitment firms can effectively position themselves to take advantage of the growing demand for healthcare professionals.


In summary, the Labour Party’s victory heralds a period of significant change for healthcare recruitment companies, with increased opportunities in NHS staffing, new employment regulations, and a shift towards more flexible working conditions.

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