Breaking Down the Bottom Line: 12 KPIs for Analyzing the Financial Health of BTR Companies

04 Apr 2023 | Tags: BTR, Insights, KPIs, QX Insights

Build to Rent (BTR) is an emerging sector in the UK’s property market that has gained significant ...

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Visit the QX Team at Interface Student Housing Conference 2022 – Booth #507   

26 Apr 2022 | Tags:

France Media’s Student Housing Business magazine and the InterFace Conference Group will host ...

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Finance and Accounting Outsourcing in 2019: Evolving expectations and tantalizing opportunities

04 Jun 2019 | Tags: Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

CFOs, FDs and other finance leaders across the globe are expected to play a wider strategic role in ...

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How Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Companies are Looking Beyond Transactional Efficiency

31 May 2019 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

Imagine a conversation between a finance & accounts outsourcing company and a business in the UK...

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Master Vendor Automation – A Surefire Way of Reducing Payroll TAT by 25%

30 May 2019 | Tags: Recruitment Technology

Payroll processing is one of those tasks. It looks super simple at the surface. Hey, all that need...

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How to Solve the Most Persistent Problems of Managing Multisite Finance & Accounting

28 May 2019 | Tags: Student Housing

The possibilities are immense. With advances in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI (Artificial Int...

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Finance & Accounting Outsourcing: 10 Ways We Ensure Information Security

18 Sep 2018 | Tags: Infosec

For CEOs and CFOs considering outsourcing, cybersecurity is of paramount importance. Not a day goes ...

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Finance & Accounting Outsourcing: 6 Motivations Beyond Cost Cutting and Delivery

05 May 2018 | Tags: Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

What can F&A outsourcing do for a business? “It can help reduce the costs substantially and ...

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