Student Housing

Record to Report Services for Student Accommodation: An Overview

05 Sep 2023 | Tags: Record-to-report cycle, Student accommodation, Student Housing

R2R or Record to Report is all about financial intelligence. Data is critical to accelerating result...

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The Ultimate PBSA Cheat Sheet to Ensuring High Occupancy Rates 365 Days a Year

24 Jan 2023 | Tags: PBSA, Student accommodation, Student Housing

Occupancy rate is quite simply the most crucial metric for student accommodation companies as it mea...

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How to Solve the Most Persistent Problems of Managing Multisite Finance & Accounting

28 May 2019 | Tags: Student Housing

The possibilities are immense. With advances in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI (Artificial Int...

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7 things student accommodation providers must look for in an accounts outsourcing partner

29 Nov 2017 | Tags: Student Housing

According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 42% of leading global businesses currentl...

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INFOGRAPHIC – Top 10 emerging PBSA markets

24 Oct 2017 | Tags: Student Housing

PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) has grown from a niche market into the top performing pro...

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Beyond the US and UK: 3 emerging PBSA markets investors & managers must keep an eye on

16 Oct 2017 | Tags: Student Housing

The student housing markets in the US and the UK are resilient, and they have reached a point of mat...

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How student housing providers can maximize profits

02 Oct 2017 | Tags: Student Housing

Student housing property managers recognize that a number of the elements they rely on to maximize p...

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4 ways finance and accounts outsourcing can help student housing providers maximize profits

02 Oct 2017 | Tags: Student Housing

As the student housing markets consolidate and mature, the chances of increasing profits through fix...

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Student housing investors, are you getting the most out of your investments?

27 Sep 2017 | Tags: Student Housing

The purpose-built student housing sector has grown rapidly during the last 3 years. According to the...

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