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Student accommodation

Meet QX’s Finance Transformation Experts at Stand 2 at Property Week’s Student Accommodation Conference & Awards 2021

30 Nov 2021 | Tags: Student accommodation

For a major part of 2021 & 2022, UK’s purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) industry has ...

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10 Common Challenges with Property Management Accounting & How to Solve Them Easily

27 Oct 2021 | Tags: Student accommodation

Accounting is a critical part of any business as it is the key to tracking and maintaining the finan...

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How PBSA providers are transforming finance & accounting into a strategic asset

09 Dec 2019 | Tags: Student accommodation

As a finance leader, do you view finance & accounting as an asset, or an expense? Today, CFOs ...

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Bank reconciliation for PBSA is difficult. Here’s how to make it easy.

02 Dec 2019 | Tags: Student accommodation

At the surface, bank reconciliation looks like a simple task. Just match the transactions reported ...

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Accounting after PBSA Mergers & Acquisitions: The Secret to Streamlining Multisite Operations

25 Nov 2019 | Tags: Student accommodation

The privately built student housing market in the UK, with demand sharply outstripping the supply, p...

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What is Co-Living and is it just a trend?

01 Mar 2018 | Tags: Student accommodation

Cohabitation has been a part of the student life since, well, forever. Dorms and university halls ar...

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9 reasons why student housing companies outsource accounting functions

19 Jan 2018 | Tags: Student accommodation

The PBSA (Privately-built student accommodation) sector shows no sign of slowing down. M&As, con...

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4 Things to Consider Before Buying Accounting Software for your Student Accommodation Business

12 Jan 2018 | Tags: Student accommodation

To run an effective student accommodation operation, a number of elements need to work together like...

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What are student tenants really looking for in accommodation?

09 Oct 2017 | Tags: Student accommodation

Many student accommodation managers ponder the age old question – how do I retain my tenants or at...

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Student accommodation: Maximise rental income by understanding what the students want

16 Sep 2017 | Tags: Student accommodation

Major injections of investment have transformed the student accommodation sector. While the demand f...

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