Finance & Accounting BPO

3 traits of top finance & accounting BPO companies

16 Apr 2020 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

The finance & accounting outsourcing industry is huge and growing bigger every year. This means ...

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How Finance & Accounting Outsourcing Companies are Looking Beyond Transactional Efficiency

31 May 2019 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

Imagine a conversation between a finance & accounts outsourcing company and a business in the UK...

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6 Questions to Ask Your Outsourcing Payroll Provider

14 Dec 2018 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

For any business, outsourcing its payroll function is like giving out critical business information ...

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How pay & bill outsourcing can help CFOs and FDs focus on the future

20 Jul 2018 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

CFOs, FDs, FCs and other finance leaders in recruitment agencies operate in a dynamic market that ch...

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GDPR and outsourcing: implications of working with a non-compliant partner

16 May 2018 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

The clock continues to tick and the European Union’s Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will...

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Finance & accounting outsourcing: 10 key questions to ask your prospective suppliers

17 Apr 2018 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

You are considering to outsource your finance & accounting functions. The key challenge is to fi...

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Why 5 out of top 30 healthcare staffing firms in Europe choose QX for payroll

19 May 2017 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

According to Staffing Industry Analysts, the European Healthcare Market was worth £5.868 billion i...

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Outsourced finance & accounts: A quick win for the budget hotel industry?

27 Jan 2017 | Tags: Finance & Accounting BPO

Against the backdrop of Brexit, PWC UK Hotel Forecast 2017 foresees a drop in travel budget – bo...

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