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Outsourced payroll reporting assistance solutions to generate accurate & timely payroll

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Running a company’s payroll can be a long & exhaustive process that can drain onshore resources completely. To make matters worse, finance teams are also expected to generate timely payroll reports that stay in compliance with the local government’s employment tax liabilities.

As a part of its Human Resource Support Solutions, QX Global Group offers bespoke Payroll Reporting solutions that introduce a dedicated team of SMEs to your business, facilitating generation of timely & accurate payroll reports.

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Optimize Business Payroll with Outsourced Payroll Reporting Assistance Solutions

Ensure accurate & timely payroll reports

Work with a dedicated team of reporting experts to generate on-time, error-free payroll reports.

Implement latest technology

Optimize your payroll by automating redundant processes and implementing latest reporting technology.

Bring down operational costs

Limit the need of hiring onshore reporting experts by setting up an offshore team through a cost-effective outsourcing model.

Get end-to-end compliance support

Ensure fully compliant payroll reporting by staying on top of dynamic legislative changes.



Outsourced Payroll Reporting Assistance Solutions

Exceptions report

Study performance deviation and get your management to focus on key areas

Payment listing

Maintain accurate record of your firm’s transaction listings

Inland revenue reports

Ensure objective and unbiased reporting of your organization’s inland revenue

Payroll variance report

Highlight & study deflections by comparing data from pay run to another

Ad hoc reports

Meet your specific business needs by generating bespoke payroll reports

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