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Leverage expert support to conduct accurate and timely business audits

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Mid and large-sized businesses often end up spending a great deal of time and resources on conducting internal audits. In such a scenario, reliable support from an experienced partner can help businesses ensure that their F&A department continues operating smoothly during the audit process.

QX Global Group’s Audit Assistance solutions provide businesses expert assistance in all auditing-related tasks. Tailored to fit the needs of organizations of all sizes, these solutions introduce a dedicated team of auditors to your business so that your onshore teams can focus on strategic functions.

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Outsourced Audit Assistance to Avert Business Risks

Work with expert auditors

Conduct efficient and accurate audits by benefitting from the rich industry expertise of QX team.

Reduce operation costs

Switch to a cost-effective outsourcing model and replace onshore staff to minimize spends.

Generate insightful reports

Make better informed business decisions by using audit data effectively and gaining access to bespoke reports.

Manage compliance seamlessly

Work with the latest auditing management systems to ensure end-to-end compliance.



Outsourced Audit Assistance Solutions

Payroll audit assistance

Conduct in-depth analysis of your organization’s active employees, pay rates, wages, and tax withholdings

Audit assistance

Leverage the industry knowledge of the QX team to ensure compliance with US tax regulations

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