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Outsourced payroll administration support solutions to enable timely, accurate payroll for your business

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Carrying out staff payroll administration is a long and tiring process that can drain a company’s onshore resources and take the focus away from core, strategic HR functions.

As a part of its HR Support Solutions, QX Global Group offers highly comprehensive Payroll Administration support solutions that introduce dedicated payroll professionals to your business. With a unique people-process-platform approach at heart, our managed payroll solutions help clients simplify compliance, mitigate risks and propel business growth by bringing focus back to value-driven initiatives.

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Streamline Processes with Payroll Administration Assistance

Ensure timely payroll

Partner with payroll experts to eliminate manual errors and achieve accuracy rate of over 99.8%.

Leverage industry expertise

Benefit from the industry expertise of our team to streamline payroll for your business.

Ensure fully compliant payroll

Get reliable compliance support to stay on top of tax code & legislative changes.

Bring down operational costs

Switch to a cost-effective outsourcing model to bring down payroll costs by up to 50%.

Eliminate IT costs

Implement cutting edge payroll technology, without having to invest in IT hardware and software


Payroll Administration Support Solutions

Improve accuracy, reduce costs and deliver a better employee experience with QX Global Group’s Payroll Administration support solutions:

Candidate setup

Integrate new employees to company payroll seamlessly

Timesheet management

Generate accurate payroll by automating timesheet management

Expense management

Track employee expenses, improve visibility and ensure faster claims

Holiday pay management

Disburse employee-specific holiday pay with ease

Statutory pan management

Make sure your company employees receive their SSP, SMP & SAPs on time

Payroll compliance management

Work with industry experts to overcome legislation & compliance measures


Quick payroll corrections to deliver a seamless employee experience

Payment processing

Ensure timely payment processing by leveraging the people, process, platform approach

Helpdesk management

Build a trained, offshore helpdesk to provide 24/7 employee support

Software Capabilities

The QX team works with a combination of industry-standard software to streamline payroll administration for our clients. In addition, we are also open to working with any additional platforms that suit your specific organizational needs better.


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