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End-to-end transformation through offshore Regulatory Reporting & Compliance

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Staying informed about and adhere to the latest regulatory requirements is a must for every business, but it can place a heavy administrative burden on your HR team. To add to that, these requirements are dynamic in nature – ever increasing and constantly changing – which makes regulatory reporting and compliance extremely tough for businesses of all size.

QX Global Group offers bespoke Regulatory Reporting & Compliance assistance services through our offshore centres, helping mitigate compliance risks and giving you the peace of mind to focus on strategic functions.

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Mitigate Risks and Reduce Costs with Expert Compliance Support


Reduced compliance risks

Get support in compliance & reporting tasks through high performance teams and reduce business risks.

Cost savings

Adapt a cost-efficient model by limiting the need of hiring onshore compliance officers.

Digitised innovation

Streamline your reporting & compliance by applying smart technical solutions – without skyrocketing IT infrastructure costs.

Increased flexibility

Up or down scale with ease, courtesy of a tailor-made service that is based on the understanding of your specific business needs


Regulatory Reporting & Compliance Service Offerings

Comprehensive Regulatory Reporting & Compliance Service to ensure that your people and processes are in compliance with employment laws and regulations.

RTI submission

Ensure timely FPS & EPS submissions

HMRC payments

Complete revenue and custom filings in UK tax authority

Pensions management

Seamlessly manage and execute employee pension plans

Intermediary reporting

Ensure regular, timely delivery of reports to HMRC

Court order, AEO, DEO management

Offshore your key business compliance processes to a cost-efficient team of experts

Year end process management

Smoothen out laborious year end processes without burning out your onshore teamas

P11D reporting & submission

Calculate and create the P11D reports for submission to HMRC

CIS returns

Streamline your monthly CIS tax return filings


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