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Generate accurate & timely reports with outsourced payroll reporting assistance solutions

Running a company’s payroll comes with its own set of complexities. One such challenging element of an effective payroll is generating timely payroll reports that stay in compliance with the local government’s employment tax liabilities.

This tedious and recurring reporting process can drain a company’s on-shore resources. Through its Payroll Reporting assistance service, QX Global Group introduces a team of Subject Matter Experts to provide support in managing the various elements of your payroll reporting.

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Streamline Business Payroll with Payroll Reporting Assistance Services

Timely & accurate reporting

Benefit from the industry expertise of our team to ensure timely delivery of error-free payroll reports

IT infrastructure savings

Automate processes and implement cutting edge reporting technology seamlessly

Reduced costs

Access efficient reporting services without hiring dedicated, on-shore team of professionals

Compliance support

Stay on top of dynamic legislative changes to ensure fully compliant payroll reporting


Payroll Reporting Service Offerings

Provide your on-shore teams expert assistance to streamline reporting processes with QX Global Group’s Payroll Reporting Service

Exceptions report

Get management attention to focus areas by studying performance deviation

Payment listing

Maintain accurate record of your firm’s transaction listings

Inland revenue reports

Ensure objective and unbiased reporting of your organisation’s inland revenue

Payroll variance report

Compare data from one pay run to another to highlight & study deflections

Ad hoc reports

Generate bespoke payroll reports to meet your specific business needs


Traditionally, payroll reporting has been extremely popular in industries like recruitent, healthcare, agriculture and transport. However, QX Global Group’s Payroll Reporting service is designed to fit any business, especially organisations that have dynamic payrolls through the course of a financial year.

Yes, QX Global Group ensures that all your company and employee data is completely safe & secure. We are compliant with ISO 27001, UK Data Protection Act 1998 & GDPR.

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