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Outsourced support solutions to conduct accurate, timely audits

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Conducting internal audits in mid and large-sized businesses can be an extremely laborious and expensive task for the HR department. Reliable support for this activity can ensure that your F&A department continues to function efficiently throughout the audit process.

Tailored to fit the specific needs of firms of all sizes, QX’s Audit Assistance introduces a team of accountants who offer audit assistance for your business. So you can focus on business-driven tasks while QX enables transformation by providing assistance in all your auditing needs.

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Strategic Benefits of Outsourced Audit Assistance

Audit Support Services

Efficient audits

Leverage on the industry expertise of QX team to support your auditing activity

Reduced costs

Minimise expenditures by replacing on-shore staff or consultants with a cost-effective auditing model

Bespoke reporting

Use audit data effectively by generating insightful reports & making key business decisions

Compliance management

Ensure full compliance to the latest auditing management systems

Audit Assistance Service Offerings

Drive your business audits seamlessly through QX Global Group’s Audit Assistance service

Payroll audit assistance

Conduct in-depth analysis of your organisation’s active employees, pay rates, wages, and tax withholdings

HMRC audit assistance

Leverage the industry knowledge of the QX team to ensure compliance with UK tax regulations


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