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What is VMS Recruiting? | MSP VMS Service for Staffing Firms

Posted on June 01, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

What is VMS Recruiting?

Vendor management system or VMS refers to software systems, online applications, or websites facilitating recruitment and staffing functions. VMS recruiting helps staffing firms to scale their business, source more candidates, fill more vacancies and build a robust talent pipeline.

Why should a staffing agency use a vendor management system? How can VMS recruiting help in improving the staffing firm’s efficiency? Can VMS staffing help reduce hiring costs? Is it a good fit for your organization?

Find answers to all the above questions below, as we tell you more about VMS recruiting and how the vendor management systems work.

What is VMS Recruiting, and how does it work in staffing?

The vendor management system enables staffing suppliers such as recruitment agencies and MSPs (Managed Service Programs) to procure a contingent workforce for employers and provide other staffing services. VMS staffing support facilitates talent management, supplier management, and SOW model sourcing and management.

VMS recruiting is popular for temporary staffing, although some recruiters also use it for permanent staffing. Hiring through VMS is suitable for enterprise staffing firms having high volume staffing requirements, quick turnaround time, and lower margins.

A VMS allows MSPs to run contingent workforce programs and manage all staffing processes online. MSPs and recruitment agencies can provide a wide range of recruiting services through VMS staffing support which includes:

  • Creation of job requirements
  • Communication of staffing requisitions to suppliers
  • Sourcing
  • Interviews
  • Selecting
  • Job offer
  • Billing
  • Management of timesheets

How Does VMS Recruiting Help Staffing Firms?

VMS helps staffing firms to increase their profitability and scale their business operations. Vendor management systems provide an excellent opportunity for staffing firms to make the most of their business by adopting a tailored VMS business model. VMS recruiting can be optimized by incorporating effective communication and technology into your staffing business model. Recruiters must be trained to become technologically efficient and understand the strategies and best practices for communication and follow-ups with clients and candidates.

Most staffing firms cannot leverage their data insights to make the most of their business. Using vendor management systems allows them to discover crucial metrics to understand their business. Automated VMS reporting and data-driven analysis produce more accurate results to help recruiters optimize their tasks and efforts.

How can VMS Help Staffing Organizations Grow?

  • VMS reduces the need for a sales force by allowing staffing firms to know what openings their clients have. It saves time communicating with clients and cuts down on competition between staffing organizations.
  • VMS creates a level playing field for all staffing organizations. Whenever there is a hiring requirement, all staffing agencies get notified through the VMS and have an equal opportunity to submit suitable candidates.
  • Staffing companies can get instant details on companies’ job requisitions through VMS, saving a lot of time and helping staffing organizations to cater to high volume hiring demands quickly. VMS allows staffing firms to get quick details about crucial factors such as job skills, educational qualifications, work experience, salary, location of the opening, nature of employment, etc.
  • Data-driven recruiting through VMS facilitate staffing firms to find the most suitable candidates that match the employer’s requirements and improve their performance and growth prospects.

VMS Recruiting Services for Staffing Firms

Hire a VMS support team to help your staffing business scale new heights and meet your clients’ high volume staffing demands. Our VMS recruiting experts are trained and experienced in working on various vendor management programs, including Beeline, Clarity, Fieldglass, Artemis, Insight, Peopleclick, Chimes, IQNavigator, and many more.

Connect for a quick call to learn more about VMS recruiting services with QX Global Group, a leading recruitment outsourcing provider.

Originally published Jun 01, 2022 10:06:54, updated Jun 01 2022

Topics: MSP VMS Recruitment, MSP VMS Staffing

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