MSP VMS Staffing Services

MSP VMS Staffing

Scale recruitment process with VMS staffing support

Outsourced VMS staffing support for recruitment agencies to scale service delivery efficiency

To combat times of uncertainty, attaining talent agility has become more critical than ever for businesses worldwide. Contingent workforce management has been steadily rising to meet large-scale initiatives and has become more complicated and time-consuming. There is an increased pressure on MSPs and staffing agencies to deliver candidates in high volume and meet the market demand.

Vendor Management System (VMS) is the software system that enables staffing agencies to run the temp staffing program. It allocates job requirements to recruiting businesses, facilitating the interviewing, time management, payroll management, and other administrative processes. Recruiting through VMS is a time-sensitive task, and agencies engaged in VMS staffing must actively source, screen, and submit candidates swiftly or miss out on the placement opportunity. This aspect is crucial as the demand is high and margin is low.

QX Global Group offers offshore VMS recruiting support to staffing agencies, submitting resumes in required format within predefined deadlines from the internal talent pool and external sources. We also help automate and optimize administrative processes such as SOW management, expenditure management, and reporting processes. Our offshore experts are experienced and trained to use different VMS programs, which help you save time and resources on training. With our outsourced VMS staffing services, you are assured to meet the KPIs defined by your clients and meet high-volume demands with increased cost-efficiency.

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Why Choose QX as

Why Choose QX as your preferred MSP VMS Staffing Support Partner

  • Improve Turnaround time: Fast turnaround time to help you meet high-volume staffing demands and deliver the right talent at the right time to your clients.
  • Reduce Recruiting Cost: Our specialized offshore VMS recruitment experts will cost significantly less than onshore recruiters, and also help you save on administrative overheads.
  • Rich Talent Pool: You get ready access to a rich talent pool of active and passive candidates, built by QX recruitment team over the years.
  • Recover Onshore Focus: Let your in-house team focus on the ROI generating tasks, and leave the talent sourcing and recruiting activities in our hands.

Our VMS support team is trained and experienced in using the following programs:

Our VMS recruiting support team is trained and experienced in using the following programs

  • Artemis
  • Beeline
  • Clarity
  • FieldGlass
  • Insight
  • Peopleclick
  • Ameriforce
  • IQNavigator
  • Workcard
  • Chimes
  • Peopleclick

MSP Service Provider scales service delivery capability with Recruitment, VMS & Compliance support

QX Global Group delivered multitude of services to mitigate process efficiencies and improve service delivery quality.



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Frequently Asked Questions

The SLA goals could be any of the following:

  • Submittal Response Time
  • Retention/Project Completion
  • Orders Received to Placement Ratios
  • Interview to Placement Ratios
  • Interview to Submit Ratios
  • Conversion to FTE

Typically, it takes 15 days to commence the project after signing off and formalizing the partnership

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