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Compliance & Admin Processes Staffing Agencies Can Outsource

Posted on June 08, 2022
Written By Aanchal Jain

Compliance and Admin process outsourcing services

Do you know why a staffing agency should consider outsourcing its compliance and admin processes?

Many staffing and recruitment agencies are outsourcing the regulatory compliance aspect of their business, and there is a strong reason behind it. Outsourcing recruitment processes related to compliance and admin functions help staffing firms primarily to overcome the challenges of having an untrained in-house staff. Furthermore, outsourcing compliance processes enables companies to meet global compliance needs and drastically reduce their overhead costs, including infrastructure and operating costs.

Recruitment Outsourcing Companies  such as the QX Global Group can take care of all or some of your regulatory compliance and administrative activities, saving you time and money. Compliance outsourcing will also help ensure that your firm complies with all current regulatory requirements while keeping your data safe.

4 Compliance and Admin Processes Recruitment Agencies Can Outsource

  1. Candidate Compliance Checks

Regulations and legislation are continuously reviewed and changed in countries such as the USA  and the UK, making it difficult for recruitment agencies to maintain compliance procedures. Staffing agencies work with thousands of permanent, contractual, full-time, and part-time employees. It requires agencies to carry out massive compliance checks and employee verifications of hired candidates before working for a company.

Candidate compliance checks and management can be highly time-consuming for the in-house recruiting team. Outsourcing compliance checks to offshore RPO companies will facilitate a positive candidate experience during relentless chasing for compliance and verifications. It will also help the in-house team by allowing it to focus on other core business tasks.

  1. Database and Portal Management

Outsourced database and portal management services help scale staffing agencies’ recruitment service delivery capability. Outsourcing database management processes is a great way to optimize your talent database to help you generate direct and indirect revenues.

Trained offshore RPO experts can manage third-party ATS and in-house talent databases to speed up the candidate search process and reduce turnaround time. Database and portal management is a time-consuming process but is considered one of the most efficient ways to source candidates.

Databases hold a lot of value and should be managed well by staffing agencies. Outsourcing this process to trained offshore recruitment compliance and admin service providers is the best way to manage it.

  1. Reference Chasing

Verifying candidate credentials and chasing references is one of the most crucial processes which completes the recruitment life cycle. However, it is equally important for recruiters to ensure a positive candidate experience while completing this essential compliance process.

Conducting proper reference checks can be time-consuming and exhaustive for hiring managers. But if they fail to make cross-checks and enquire about essential details, they may risk hiring an unsuitable candidate.

Outsourcing your reference check and chase service to offshore RPO companies can boost your candidate credibility as well as save you time and costs.

  1. CV Formatting

Recruitment process outsourcing experts can help staffing agencies effectively carry out compliance and admin processes such as CV formatting. It is one of the most time-draining admin tasks for the in-house recruiting team and hiring managers. In this highly competitive recruitment industry, staffing firms must improve their service efficiency and reduce overhead costs.

Outsourcing back-office activities such as CV formatting and reference checks to RPO experts is being adopted as a practical solution by more and more recruitment agencies worldwide.

Compliance & Admin Outsourcing Services for Staffing Agencies

QX Global Group’s outsourced compliance and admin services offer complete mid-office and back-office support to recruitment and staffing firms. Our offshore RPO team operating from India can improve the speed and efficiency of your compliance and admin tasks, including CV formatting, reference checks, database and portal management, and candidate compliance checks.

Avail our mid-office and back-office administrative service support to save time and money and ensure compliance with the established industry standards.

Speak to our RPO expert for a free consultation.

Originally published Jun 08, 2022 12:06:45, updated Feb 05 2024

Topics: compliance & admin processes, Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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