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How to Choose the Perfect RPO Service Provider for Your Healthcare Staffing?

Posted on April 08, 2021
Written By Aron Vaidya

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Just like other business sectors, the healthcare industry is also found to undergo revolutionary changes due to technological advancements, innovation in areas of diagnosis and treatment. The reforms in the healthcare sector and the access to digital transformations have not only made healthcare more complicated, but has also resulted in skill gaps. Thus, the changes have brought about the need to acquire specialised skills and talent in the healthcare institutions.

In this sense, finding the best and perfect healthcare recruitment process outsourcing has become a major challenge for healthcare staffing organisations.

Since Healthcare RPO partners not only help in improving the recruitment and selection processes but also help in enhancing the employment brand, it is of utmost importance to select the right and trusted RPO provider. In this regard, the current post will bring forth some of the best practices that can be followed while choosing the Healthcare RPO service provider to suit the staffing requirements.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in Healthcare

It is necessary to know that RPO providers are not companies or talent hunters that help you fulfil your one-time hiring needs. The healthcare RPO services are mainly intended towards designing, streamlining and improving the hiring process of the healthcare recruitment organisations, thereby assisting to boost the organisational performance.

A well-organised and well-executed outsourced recruiting program involves a number of activities associated with hiring, employee branding, onboarding, employee engagement and motivation, etc. In other words, it can be said that the outsourced recruiting companies play a crucial role in optimising the overall staffing process. The talent acquisition outsourcing solutions should cater to the specific needs and business goals of the healthcare staffing firm along with the industry standards and concerns.

How to get started with Healthcare RPO?

It is necessary for a healthcare recruiting firm to assess both the staffing needs as well as the business goals before contacting a RPO provider. The primary needs addressed by RPO providers are:

  • Recruitment of employees for niche and high-volume positions and/or manage contingency and locum staffing process
  • Finding skilled and competent individuals for filling up the open positions quickly and cost-efficiently
  • Assisting healthcare recruiting firms organisations design and implement relevant strategies to improve the employee retention rates and decrease the turnover rates of employees
  • Developing and implementing tailored solutions for fitting into the needs of the healthcare recruitment organisation
  • Ensuring transparency and continuous optimisation through tracking metrics and milestones.

Firstly, you are recommended to outline the needs of your healthcare recruiting firm and then, you need to search for a relevant recruiting provider and analyse whether it possesses the required skills and competencies to meet your specified needs or not. In this regard, you may ask the following questions to yourself while analysing your chosen healthcare recruitment service provider:

  • Does the RPO partner possess the necessary skills, expertise and technology to cater to your staffing needs?
  • Who are the current clients of the prospective RPO provider?
  • Can the RPO partner ensure to provide tailored solutions for meeting the specific needs of your healthcare staffing agency?
  • From where do the RPO agencies choose or source healthcare professionals or workers to fill prevalent skill gaps?

Besides asking these questions to yourself, you need to follow an in-depth investigation and thorough consultation with your RPO provider to find out the extent to which it can fulfil your staffing needs and business goals.

When is the right time to involve a Healthcare RPO?

Are you facing major issues due to staffing shortage? Do you feel that there are skill gaps in your organisation due to which you cannot keep pace with the emerging technological trends? Do you want to bring in enhanced scalability and agility within your process? Is staffing cost an increasing burden? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then it is now the best time to engage a provider for streamlining, improving, even transforming, your talent acquisition and employment branding strategies. This will not only help you to fill up the talent gaps in your organisation but will also help in making the talent acquisition processes more streamlined and cost-effective.

Benefits of Healthcare Recruitment Outsourcing

Some of the core benefits that you get on engaging Healthcare RPO providers in your business are:

  • Involving top talent: If you succeed in choosing the right recruitment outsourcing partner, then you may get hold of a diverse network of talented employees. Your RPO partner may help you engage talent from all over the world, thereby making the process of healthcare staffing faster and stress-free for you.
  • Agility in business: Besides helping the healthcare organisations get hold of top-class talent, the RPO provider may help design and implement a unique ‘pay for performance’ model. This will help retain the top-class employees and help in bringing a decrease to the overall fixed costs and capital investments made by the healthcare organisation.
  • Efficient mitigation of risks: The right RPO provider will definitely possess a wide range of skills and extensive expertise. You should also ensure that your RPO provider is technologically efficient and effective and is capable of identifying and mitigating risks related to poor hiring or loss of talented candidates.
  • Best workforce strategy: You should know that the best Healthcare RPO provider utilises the best hiring practices to optimise your talent acquisition process. It will also make sure to use transparent metrics to provide you with insight into data required for the establishment of work efficiencies.

Healthcare RPO Services to provide you with specialised talent

As stated earlier, the healthcare industry today is confronting unique challenges. Thus, if a healthcare organisation does not source the specialised talent, it may fail in addressing the changing needs and emerging trends of the industry. A proper medical RPO partner is aware of the challenges prevailing in the healthcare industry and has extensive experience in sourcing specialised individuals for filling up the niche positions in the healthcare organisation.

One thing that you need to know about outsourced recruitment providers is that they do not simply put a job advertisement using social media channels and wait for interested individuals to respond to it. Using their skills and expertise, the RPO providers undertake thorough assessments of the passive and active candidates to fill up the niche or technical positions in your healthcare organisation. In fact, if your provider has a proper understanding and knowledge of your business goals and staffing needs, it may also help diminish the need to train the employees by hiring the ones who possess appropriate healthcare-specific skills and expertise.

Scalability in Healthcare Recruitment Outsourcing

The rising demand in the healthcare sector is found to be the result of the increase in the ageing population in most of the developed as well as the developing nations. This has caused the medical staffing organisations of a country to grow and expand at a rapid pace. However, despite possessing adequate financial resources and technological infrastructure, healthcare organisations cannot meet the rising demand and needs of the population. This is because of the lack of talented and skilled healthcare professionals. Considering this major challenge, the healthcare recruitment process outsourcing agencies help in sourcing the right talent, thereby contributing to the overall development of the medical recruiting firm. The outsourcing providers further handle the initial screening process, background checks, and onboarding process, thus lessening your healthcare staffing business’s burden.

Which is the best healthcare RPO provider for suiting your staffing needs?

While selecting an RPO provider, you need to keep in mind that you involve the RPO provider not for meeting your one-time staffing needs but for bringing an overall improvement in your business performance. Don’t you analyse your business goals and objectives while choosing a product or service or improving or innovating a process?

If yes, you do so to ensure that the new product or service or the improvement or innovation in a particular process helps you in meeting the intended goals and objectives of your business. Similarly, you should identify and analyse your healthcare organisation’s specific needs and communicate those to the RPO providers. In other words, you are recommended to identify the major issues or pain points of your organisation which you wish to be resolved. These may include the need to reduce staffing costs, filling up the skill gaps in niche positions or organisation expansion.

The needs of your healthcare staffing organisation are the priorities of the right RPO provider

Every healthcare employment agency has their unique needs, and the issues faced by them tend to differ. This means that if one healthcare organisation is facing a challenge due to staffing costs, the other may not face the same problem. Instead, it may face the challenge of sourcing talent for organisation expansion. Hence, it is the right healthcare RPO provider’s responsibility to understand a agency’s needs and pain points before setting up workforce strategies. In fact, the best RPO provider will also ensure to provide a bespoke solution for meeting your staffing needs, thus making a hassle-free RPO program for you. Even if you require 10 or 10000 employees, the best RPO partner will consider all the relevant details and your specified needs for sourcing the right talent so that the selected employees can effectively integrate into your healthcare organisation.

The best healthcare RPO provider for you

With the changing trends in the healthcare industry, there has also been an increase in competition between individuals seeking the best jobs. You will find a wide range of skilled and talented individuals who may claim to fulfil your organisational goals and business needs. However, sourcing the right talent who can actually cater to your business needs is a tough and challenging task.

QX Global Group is one of the best healthcare RPO companies in India, offering you the bespoke, scalable talent acquisition solutions. The company provides a dedicated team of offshore healthcare RPO experts based on specifications and the service level agreement. The company provide a team of their choice to take care of their specifications of every requirement around front-office, mid-office, and back-office activities.

The company has a qualified team of talent sourcing specialists who are well prepared to meet the permanent, contractual and locum job requirements for healthcare organisations with many talent sourcing strategies at their disposal. QX also offers compliance check and management service to maintain compliance of locum workforce. Finally, you can transform your recruitment process, bringing it added agility, scalability, speed and cost-efficiency with 360 recruitment services.

Originally published Apr 08, 2021 07:04:24, updated Nov 24 2021

Topics: Outsourced Staffing Services, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, staffing outsourcing

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