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Scale your healthcare staffing capability with QX Recruitment Services

At QX Global Group, we have been supporting healthcare staffing agencies in the UK since 2003 and have longstanding expertise within this sector. Our healthcare recruitment outsourcing support will enable you to build an offshore team, addressing your resource gaps and scaling profit margins.

Our cross-skilled healthcare recruiters are trained to deliver excellence in executing key processes, including CV sourcing, compliance management, shift bookings of locum healthcare professionals, VMS healthcare staffing, and more. They search and engage resources with a high-touch approach resulting in smooth placement and positive candidate experience.

Healthcare Recruitment Outsourcing Specialisation

The UK healthcare staffing process requires a 360-degree recruitment understanding. And it is best executed by RPO professionals who have years of experience and are empowered to take swift, smart decisions whenever needed. Whether you are looking for an out-of-hours team to cover your locum desk or need candidate sourcing experts to find nurses with hard-to-find domain expertise for your NHS Trust clients, our trained team of recruiting and sourcing experts cater to your requirements in a timely manner. The offshore healthcare recruitment team serves as an extension to your in-house team, aiding and providing support through out-of-hours service, handling escalations, and managing locum bookings.

Why is QX the preferred offshore partner of top healthcare recruitment agencies in the UK?

QX Global Group is dedicated to resolving your recruiting challenges through customisable and scalable healthcare RPO service packages for your healthcare staffing agency in the UK.

Offshore recruitment team with extensive experience and expertise in the UK healthcare staffing sector.

Short turnaround time even for niche requirements.

Trained healthcare compliance officers to ensure maximum adherence

Dedicated team available to provide out-of-hours (OOH) support during weekends and bank holidays.

Specialised teams to manage permanent, temporary and locum bookings of doctors and nurses.

Business expenses in this inflation-hit market eating up your profit margins?

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