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5 Successful Outsourcing Case Studies You Must read

Posted on September 25, 2023
Written By Sakshi Sharma

5 Successful Outsourcing Case Studies You Must read

Did you know that according to a report, 63% of marketers consider case studies to be an effective content marketing tool? The present-day constantly changing business environment demands successful outsourcing to achieve growth. QX Global Group, a leading outsourcing firm, has a proven record of transforming businesses across various domains. 

In this collection of case studies, we explore successful outsourcing examples and how their expertise and technology drive remarkable results in diverse industries. 

Case Study 1: Engineering Staffing Agency Secures 654 Placements in 10 Months with Outsourced Recruitment Support

Client’s challenges

  • Delay in covering all the open roles  
  • Limited bandwidth for the onshore team to cover all the open roles  
  • Limited pool of candidates for locations with high open roles  
  • The onshore recruitment team was unable to meet critical hiring deadlines

Solutions Provided

  • Identified and set up a team of 15 offering Offshore Recruitment Services to deliver this project
  • Trained the team to bring them up to speed with the client’s process, systems, and roles in under 30 days
  • Weekly progress review call with the hiring manager to discuss
  • locations with urgent hiring needs,
  • focus for the coming week,
  • upcoming roles for the team to pipeline candidates, etc.
  • New jobs covered within 24-36 hours
  • Built pipelines for repetitive roles to ensure the swift flow of candidates
  • Open roles advertised on job portals and social sites to attract more candidates
  • Streamlined the candidate application process into the client ATS
  • Identified best practices from success cases, applying them to other openings as part of the continuous optimization process
  • Kept track of the interview offers and started to keep a check on the success cases and gauge our submittal and turnaround time process

Case Study 2: GBS Model Implementation for Global Recruitment Agency

Business Challenges

  • Transitioning from a long-withstanding region/entity-based structure
  • Build a plug-and-play model to integrate services for newly acquired brands easily.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of current processes to increase team efficiency, implement smart automation and
  • build a scalable business model.

QX Solution

In order to bring about organisational transformation for the client, QX followed

a unique Transition-Improve-Transformation model:

  • Transition: For the first six months of our partnership with the client, the QX team worked on process mapping, identified client requirements, did an in-depth risk analysis and did a comprehensive process baselining.
  • Stabilise & Improve: In the 6 to 18-month period, the QX team focused on introducing ISO, monitoring processes, collecting feedback and ensuring continuous improvement.
  • Transformation: 18 months into the partnership, QX moved into the transformation phase – bringing about smart automation, benchmarking and continuous process improvement.

Tools and technology implemented:

  • Bank Download Tool – This tool has helped the process of downloading daily cash receipts from over 20 bank accounts
  • PO Update Tool – This tool has helped clients eliminate manual efforts of updating the PO number on invoices.
  • VMS Timesheet Tool – This tool has helped our client to automate the “Timesheet Download and Upload” process

Case Study 3: Optimising O2C Process for a Leading Recruitment Firm through Bank Download Automation

The client, which has a network of more than 40 brands that it has expanded via mergers and acquisitions, is one of the largest recruiting experts in the world. The client, one of the fastest-growing organizations in this market, concentrates on combining recruiting businesses servicing various sectors.

Business Challenges

  • The crew put in a good deal of time and effort each month to download more than 4,000 payments.
  • Manually carrying out this procedure for several manufacturers increased the possibility of mistakes, such as missing downloads and duplicate downloads.
  • The staff had to pay close attention to make sure that each payment was downloaded, handled carefully, and posted in accordance with the client portal’s specifications.
  • The staff would struggle to separate IDF and current payments because to the huge payment volume, significantly increasing the chance of human mistakes.

How QX Helped

As a part of our solution, we performed the following activities:

  • Created and built a bank download program that downloads and keeps all incoming payments from bank portals in a certain folder automatically.
  • Initially, 20 organizations used the technology to automate bank downloads; as time went on, more companies did the same.
  • Automation increased team productivity and download accuracy, which eliminated the potential for manual mistakes.
  • To greatly reduce suspense balance, establish a smooth communication route between cross-functional teams.
  • A highly adaptable system that can be simply adjusted to any changes in the bank site has been implemented.

Case Study 4: Streamlined Loan Approvals for Global Recruitment Giant Through IDF Automation Services

Business Challenges

For the client, QX has worked on a number of projects, including end-to-end F&A transformation for crucial processes, including pay & bill, accounts payable, and accounts receivable, delivered using a Global Business Services model.

  • When inputting bills manually, the QX team would invest a lot of time and energy.
  • Manually separating invoices for the many customer brands raised the possibility of mistakes. This was a cause for worry because any uploading fault may result in the customer suffering a financial loss.
  • The compliance staff had to exercise extra caution and frequently struggled to adhere to regulations. Fund flow leakages might be caused by any disagreement.
  • The team had to pay additional attention to make sure that the requirements of the financial institutions were satisfied and that the data was posted properly in the required formats on their portal.

How QX Helped

As a part of our solution, we performed the following activities:

  • IDF Automation technology was created and used to automatically separate intercompany and non-intercompany invoices on an account level.
  • After that, non-intercompany accounts undergo the second stage of invoice level segregation based on criteria such as GBP & foreign currency invoices, credit notes, self-bills, and perm invoices. The system then creates the whole file, which the team may check and publish to the bank site.
  • Successfully deployed the solution across 11 businesses to allow IDF process management.
  • Configure the system to produce a consolidated report that aids the team in completing month-end reporting and reconciliation tasks promptly.
  • The client’s quarterly audits may now be carried out more successfully thanks to the implementation of several persona dashboards with audit trails.

Case Study 5: Automating Data Parsing for Recruitment Agencies with Email Parser

Six of the top ten healthcare staffing agencies are among the top recruiting firms QX works with in the UK. These organizations frequently deal with a lot of emails with the same or similar material. Manually processing this data may result in a loss of time, money, and labor.

Business Challenges

  • The customer had to keep a team of 15 employees on hand to transfer job openings from their inbox to their front-end system due to the client receiving thousands of job posting emails from various Trusts.
  • The organization’s competitiveness and turnaround time were influenced by the time it took to create the vacancy in the front-end system and deliver it to the recruiting consultants.
  • Sometimes, two data entry personnel would select up the same opening, leading to duplicate opening entries in the front-end system.
  • Closing openings that were filled requires tedious and time-consuming manual updating.
  • Human mistake risk rose considerably when data was entered manually.

QX Solution

  • Arranged for more than 30 Trusts to deliver vacancy alerts in organised formats (during the first two to three months) by configuring their email addresses and vacancy information structures.
  • Create a system such that configuring any new Trust email address or accommodating any modification to incoming email or vacancy structure only takes 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Set up a quick notification mechanism for the appropriate team members for any system exceptions.

Summing Up

In conclusion, these successful examples of outsourcing by QX Global Group serve as compelling examples of how strategic outsourcing can drive operational efficiency, cost savings, and business growth. These case studies showcase the tangible benefits that businesses can achieve by partnering with QX Global Group, from streamlining financial processes to expanding their global reach. 


Q. How successful is outsourcing?

Ans: The success of outsourcing varies depending on various factors but can be highly successful when executed strategically.

Q. What is successful outsourcing?

Ans: Successful outsourcing involves achieving cost savings, improved efficiency, and maintaining quality while delegating tasks to external providers.

Q. Why is outsourcing successful?

Ans: Outsourcing can be successful due to reduced operational costs, access to specialised expertise, scalability, and the ability to focus on core business functions.

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Topics: Offshore Recruiting, Offshore Recruitment Services, Offshore RPO, Offshore RPO Services

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