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Build yourself an agile workforce that keeps your recruiting service running 24×7

Outsourced Out-of-Hours Recruiting support to complement your onshore team

The recruitment business is time-dependent, and there is a tiny window in which you have to access the requirement and place a candidate. And not to forget that there is stiff competition in a market that is already low on candidates’ supply. Because of time constraints, you do not want to miss out on hiring candidates in this niche job market. Consider making a slight tweak to your service delivery model and take up a hybrid model with specialized offshore staffing support that enables you to continue operating through non-working hours, weekends, and bank holidays.

The team of offshore recruiting and sourcing experts is at the ready to support you 24×7. Whether it’s staff shortage concern during bank holidays or need to expand staffing service capacity by catering to clients during weekends and non-working hours, our Out-of-Hours Recruiting experts will deliver complete recruiting support to meet your agencies’ and candidates’ needs. Our offshore team will serve as an extension of your in-house team, providing support to ease their burden, managing escalations, and performing daily tasks during their off-hours.

And therefore, at QX, one of the top recruitment outsourcing companies, we offer our clients Out-of-Hours Recruiting support from our offshore recruitment centres in India, i.e., 24×7 resume sourcing, pre-employment screening, and other staffing solutions.

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Why choose QX as your preferred OOH staffing partner

Why choose QX as your preferred OOH staffing partner

  • Expansive Growth: With enhanced service delivery capacity overcoming time constraints, there is an improved scope for business growth
  • Onshore Extension: The offshore team serves as an extension of your onshore team, helping them reduce their workload and address escalations even during off-hours
  • Elevated Service Delivery Capability: With 24×7 support, you can scale your service delivery capability and meet high volume staffing demands with ease
  • Improved Candidate Experience: Schedule calls with candidates at times convenient to them instead of troubling them during their working hours
  • Improved Operating Agility: The specialized hybrid service delivery model allows you to operate during crises or uncertain conditions.

Our Out-of-Hours Recruiting Support includes

Our Out-of-Hours Recruiting Support includes

  • End-to-end Recruitment
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Compliance Check & Management
  • Candidate, Client & Supplier Support
  • MSP VMS Staffing Support
  • Mid-Office Staffing Services
  • Back-Office Staffing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our offshore team delivers complete recruitment support during weekends, non-working hours, and bank holidays, including Christmas

Yes, the offshore team will work with you on a dedicated model

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