In early 2022, QX, APSCo and Talence, carried out a research of the UK recruitment industry to understand the scale of skills shortages and here are our findings:

Key Findings

  • Across all sectors, competition for talent is high, with 51% of recruitment professionals saying Covid has increased competition for already in-demand skills, exacerbating the shortage of candidates

  • 32% of the recruiters believe that digital/tech skills are in the shortest supply at the moment

  • With attrition rates, the highest in years, 61% of employers are failing to scale their businesses

  • A majority of respondents said easier access to international talent (including non-UK contractors) can help address skills shortages

  • Southern England, the South West, the North West, North Yorkshire and Wales are highly affected by the staff shortage problem

What’s inside?

  • Foreword by Ann Swain, ASPCo
  • Overview and analysis by Ian Knowlson and Akhilesh Pandey
  • The reasons driving skills shortages
  • The sectors facing the greatest skills shortages
  • How firms are addressing skills shortages

About the Report

Published in September 2022, the ”Overcoming UK Skills Shortages: What needs to change” investigates the degree of skills shortages in the UK and also analyses the causes and impact it has on the recruitment profession and employers.

The data presented comes from market research of over 160 senior recruitment industry professionals giving us the true representation of the current landscape. In this report, we have aimed towards laying down the factors that impacts an industry’s growth due to Skill Shortage. This report will not only help in understanding this crisis better, but also in giving direction towards solving this problem.

About Our ‘‘Business for Good’’ movement

We are excited to give back to the community. For every single copy of the report that is downloaded, we use on your behalf to donate to the Ukraine Emergency Relief. Specifically, the children will receive protection against winter, medical support, food, bedding, and other necessities. So, you really will be changing their lives in the most profoundly wonderful way.

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