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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services for Staffing Agencies in USA

QX Global Group, established in 2003, offers recruitment process outsourcing services to staffing agencies through the offshore team from India, elevating the service capability of these agencies based in the US, UK and other geographies.

Why choose QX as your Resume Formatting & Rewriting Service Provider

The recruitment industry has gone through a significant overhaul over the past decade. More changes are bound to come through over the next years.

  • Resume sourcing activity requires more high-touch approach
  • New digital recruiting channels and mediums have come into the picture
  • New tech around automation and Ais are on the rise, facilitating an increase in demand for large scale recruiting tasks
  • Recruitment practice has become increasingly data-driven with research activities including market mapping becoming a necessity rather than a luxury

To thrive in this continually evolving landscape, staffing agencies must keep revisiting and reassessing their recruitment service delivery strategy. Recruitment companies are now taking strategic decisions to outsource non-core aspects of their business with an aim to:

  • Improve the quality of service
  • Elevate service delivery capacity
  • Reduce fixed cost burden and be more economically flexible
  • Reduce staff-related cost
  • Be free from expensive technological investments


RPO Services For US Recruitment Agencies

With QX, you get to interview and build the offshore team of sourcing and recruiting experts of your choosing. You can ramp up or down your team with ease without incurring any losses even during market redundancies. Such flexibility safeguards your business against any potential crises and risks. It also enables your recruitment business to scale up rapidly and arm you with the capability to meet high-volume demands from your customers. Outsourcing full-cycle recruiting process or parts of the process such as talent sourcing, compliance check & management or pay & bill will enable your team to work with an increased focus on duties that improve the business top line.

We serve as RPO partners of the biggest recruitment agencies in the US and the UK. Our offshore team accomplished recruitment of more than 10,000 contractors and candidates in the last year itself, supporting agencies specialized in IT, Engineering, light industries and pharma recruitment processes. As an RPO agency with global reach, we offer complete compliance with regulations such as CWHSSA, EPPA, FLSA, INA, and many more.

QX Global Group’s Recruitment Division offers outsourced recruiting support to agencies, transforming their process and help them build a scalable solution – a dedicated team of RPO experts will be at your disposal to carry out front-office, mid-office and back-office functions of your agency, bringing in increased process efficiency and profitability.


QX Global Group Offers


Our outsourced front-office recruitment solution takes care of staffing duties you carry out on a regular basis. These duties include clients, candidates, communication, sales and other people centric-activities.


Our outsourced middle-office recruitment solution takes care of staffing administrative duties crucial to process optimization and revolves between the front and back office.



Our outsourced back-office recruitment solution takes care of staffing duties that support front-office functions. These administrative tasks do not deal directly with clients, yet they are critical to revenue generation and business growth (indirectly).


QX Recruitment Services

Why outsource Candidate Database Regeneration & Optimization Process To QX:


If your staffing business is based in the UK, get in touch with QX RPO UK Services, one of the best outsourced recruitment service provider for UK staffing and the first GDPR-compliant certified service provider in India.

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