MSP VMS Recruitment Support For Staffing Companies

Outsourced MSP VMS Recruitment Support for Staffing Agencies

Scale your staffing agency’s business with offshore MSP VMS recruiting support.

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Outsourced MSP VMS recruitment support for staffing agencies in the US to help them scale their service delivery capacity.

Recruiting through VMS is a time-sensitive task, and agencies engaged in VMS staffing must actively source, screen, and submit candidates swiftly or miss out on the placement opportunity.

QX Global Group offers offshore VMS recruiting support to staffing agencies, submitting resumes in required format within predefined deadlines from the internal talent pool and external sources. We also help automate and optimize administrative processes such as SOW management, expenditure management, and reporting processes. Our offshore experts are experienced and trained to use different VMS programs, which help you save time and resources on training. With our outsourced VMS recruitment services, you are assured to meet the KPIs defined by your clients and meet high-volume demands with increased cost-efficiency.

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Streamlined Process

Reduce inefficiencies and optimize processes to improve service delivery quality.

Experienced Team

Dedicated team of experts trained and experienced in using the latest ATS, job boards, and MSP-VMS tech.

Audit Support Services


Easily ramp up/down your offshore delivery team based on business and market demands ensuring business continuity.

Cost Savings

Reduce cost-per-hire and fixed cost burden to become more economically flexible.

Improved Turnaround Time

Meet high-volume staffing demands and deliver the right talent at the right time to your clients.

Improve Quality of Hire

Access to a rich talent pool of active and passive candidates, built by QX recruitment team over the years.




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