Pay & Bill Services for US Staffing Agencies

Pay & Bill Services for US Staffing Agencies

Optimise processes, improve efficiency and meet compliance regulations with outsourced pay & bill services for recruitment agencies

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QX offers outsourced pay & bill service to recruiting and staffing firms in the US, helping them save on operating costs and giving them an added competitive edge with greater processing flexibility and scalability. The tech-driven back-office recruitment solution makes the process faster, streamlined and more efficient, while also making the shift from inhouse to offshore setup seamless and cost-effective. Our trained and experienced offshore RPO experts will ensure that your pay & bill process is efficient and timely managed.

At QX, even though we have a standard procedure to execute pay & bill process, we provide flexibility to the recruitment agencies, customizing the process to meet their needs or even follow their current process with minimal tweaks for optimization.

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Increased efficiency and accuracy

Benefit from the industry expertise of our offshore team to improve efficiency and achieve timesheet processing accuracy rate of 99%+ with quick TATs

Reduced Costs

Experience cost savings of up to 50% by outsourcing your pay & bill to a dedicated team of trained accountants

Dedicated, skilled resources

Set up a team of skilled accountants that process more than 1.65 million timesheets every year to gain an in-depth business understanding and deliver better value

Automation implementation

Get access to customized tech stacks, automate processes and implement cutting-edge accounting platforms for your business seamlessly

Audit Support Services

Customized Reporting

Gain access to detailed financial reports (customized to your needs) and insights to drive smarter business decisions using PowerBI and Tableau.




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